Bad Kitty Meets the Baby

Nick Bruel
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Jan 15, 2014

Life was good for Bad Kitty when it was just her at home with her human parents.  Then one day they adopt a stupid, disgusting dog.  Bad Kitty eventually learns to tolerate the dog.  Then, Bad Kitty’s human parents bring home another horrible, retched creature.  Bad Kitty assumes it’s another dog, but the neighborhood cats think it’s another cat.  They decide to enter this new creature into The Kitty Olympics to see how she competes.  Bad Kitty finally learns that this creature is not a cat or a dog: it’s a human baby.  Now what's she supposed to do?  This children's chapter book is hilarious, but it’s also a sweet story of adoption.  As Bad Kitty’s human parents explain to her, “…this baby needed a place to live that was warm and safe and happy just like you and Puppy once needed this place.  This baby needed a home just like you and Puppy once needed a home.  And now she has all that just like you.”  Recommended for parents who are looking for a book about adoption and empathy to read with their young child, or for an older child looking for a funny chapter book to read on their own.

Reviewed by Becky C.
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