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Jul 23, 2009

Ok. I admit it. I am addicted. I was pretty skeptical when ABC Family announced that they were going to make a TV show out of one of my favorite 90's movies. I was ready to hate it. I almost didn't watch the premier. But somehow I ended sitting in front of my TV at 7pm on July 7th tuning into ABC Family. And even more unbelievable is that I liked it!I was ready to hate all the characters. Who could play Kat better than Julia Stiles, who could be Patrick Verona except the talented Heath Ledger? Lindsey Shaw does a great job playing a Kat who is both strong and lovingly stupid at times, Ethan Peck (although he looks like a long lost Jonas brother) is just mysterious enough to be Patrick Verona and I actually find myself liking Meaghan Jette Martin more than Larisa Oleynik as Bianca. I have watched all three episodes (so far) like a good fan and on Tuesday night I wished that the episodes were one hour instead of a measly 30 minutes (which we all know is about 20 minutes after you take out the ads). I would totally recommend this as a nice stress reducing bit of fun for anyone! Check it out and tell me what you think!

Reviewed by Kate M.
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