Heat Wave by Richard Castle

Jul 24, 2013

Heat Wave is the first book purportedly written by Richard Castle. Richard Castle, in turn, is the title character of the ABC crime drama, Castle. In the first episode of the TV show, the author uses his friendship with the Mayor of New York to arrange a “ride along” with one of New York’s finest. Continued forays to various crime scenes provide material for Castle’s book on the detective. Heat Wave is that book.  The true author of the novel is unknown.

Heat Wave opens with magazine journalist,Jameson Rook, trading favors to arrange a “ride along” with Detective Nikki Heat. Detective Heat and her team are investigating the murder of a real estate millionaire who crashed through an awning after a mysterious tumble from his museum-like apartment.  The dead man’s not-so-grieving widow, shady business partner and a passing street thug are among a host of suspects in the crime. Meanwhile the city is suffering the worst heat wave in years. Tempers are short and blood runs hot.

The novel was released at the start of the second season of Castle. The style is that of well-written fan fiction. The characters are those of the show with minimal differences and Heat Wave’s plot stands alone. The mystery is layered and the action moves fast making Heat Wave a great read for Castle fans and for anyone looking for a fast, enjoyable mystery. 

Reviewed by Library Staff