Fear Itself by Andrew Rosenheim

Jun 26, 2013

Fear Itself is a World War II thriller that focuses on German-Americans and their activities before and during the war. At that time, the FBI, under the rule of the legendary J. Edgar Hoover, was focused on unearthing communists. There were a few agents, however, who saw the Bund, a German-American organization as more of an immediate threat than the communists. Two of those agents, Harry Guttman and Jimmy Nessheim, are tracking down a plot that could change the course of the war, and thereby, history.

So many WWII spy thrillers take place in Europe, like The Unlikely Spy by Daniel Silva or A Gathering of Spies by John Altman. I was fascinated to read about conspiracies taking place in the United States. The beliefs and activities of German-Americans during World War II is a part of history that I’m not familiar with.

Rosenheim is coming out with another WWII novel featuring Guttman and Nessheim this July entitled The Informant.

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Written by Diane H.

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