The Haunting of Fabian Gray

Barbiere, Frank J.
Aug 18, 2017

The Haunting of Fabian Gray is a classic action and adventure story with some wonderful twists that are fitting for comics. The reader follows Fabian Gray, a treasure hunter, in search of his missing sister after a supernatural incident made her disappear and gave him special abilities.

Fabian Gray is torn, possessed by five ghosts: The Wizard (much like Merlin), The Archer (much like Robin Hood), The Detective (much like Sherlock Holmes), The Vampire (much like Dracula), and finally, The Samurai (much like, well, a samurai). He uses their spirits to enhance his own prowess. I enjoyed that, instead of searching for a damsel in distress or some star crossed lover, he is searching for his sister.

Though the story hangs in familiar territory, the addition of the supernatural edges it to be its own unique experience. The art provided by Chris Mooneyham harkens back to the classic pulp art style of the 1920s and 1930s and fits the story wonderfully. It's a treat just to look at even if you decide the story is not for you. The first volume feels like it takes some time gathering its footing but I found it fun regardless. I also suggest Violent Love by the same author. 

Reviewed by Library Staff