Break My Heart 1000 Times by Daniel Waters

Apr 3, 2013

After the Event, people see the dead. They are as normal to life as breathing now, but Veronica wishes that life would return back to the way it was before. Now, the ghosts are becoming stronger and they want to return to their lives and become part of the living again. Veronica and her best friend Kirk decide to investigate what caused the ghosts to appear and how they might send them back into the afterlife.  Along the way, Veronica must battle with a nefarious former teacher who wants to try and use Veronica to bring his dead daughter back to life.

In this thrilling tale, the dead are no longer staying dead, and plot twists are around every page turn. This is not your average ghost story. The terrifying atmosphere, mixed with the cat and mouse game between teacher and student, creates a horrifying tale that builds up to the very last page.

Written by Jennifer R.

I have yet to be stumped on a game of 6 Degrees of Separation