Beating Heart: A Ghost Story

Mar 8, 2010

A Ghost Story by A.M. JenkinsSeventeen year old Evan, his mother and little sister Libby move in to a historic home following his parents’ divorce. The stately old home had been vacant for many years and the new occupants and their activity awakens the spirit of a young girl who lived and died in the house nearly a century ago. She confuses Evan with the boy she loved and left behind when she died.

Evan begins having strange dreams about a blond haired girl. When a box of old photos, letters and newspapers is discovered inside a wall during remodeling, Evan is able to put a name to the face of the girl in his dreams. However, in Evan's dreams the story of the blond girl’s death is very different than the letters and articles indicate.

Evan is in search of peace within his family, with his girlfriend, with his father and within himself. He becomes entangled in the ghost’s search for peace as well. The ghost tells her tale in brief, emotional verse. A quick read for those who like the paranormal but who are looking to skip the monsters and blood in this modern day ghost story Beating Heart: a Ghost Story by A.M. Jenkins.

Reviewed by Lisa J.
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