Pennyroyal Academy

M.A. Larson
Nov 8, 2014

Step into a world where princesses fight witches and knights battle dragons and prepare to become enchanted with the wonderful Pennyroyal Academy

M.A. Larson creates a truly imaginative world of cadets in training to become princesses and knights who will ultimately rid the world of evil. If you think princesses are just beautiful girls living in castles, then think again. The cadets have to battle each other in obstacle courses and training exercises, jump from towers onto the horsebacks of their heroes, and learn to find confidence and compassion within themselves when faced with evil forces. Evie, the main character, is a girl lost in the world who has fled her family of dragons to find out who she truly is. The story follows her struggle to belong and shows that everyone is able to find friends and their place in society if they only accept who they truly are. The story is sweet and well-told and will keep the readers interested with all of the twists and turns. It only covers the first of three years at the Pennyroyal Academy so readers can expect sequels. 

Pennyroyal Academy is similar to the Harry Potter series  in that readers will be transported to a magical world of fairies, trolls, witches, and dragons. It is a great read for mature kids as there are fight scenes, bullying, and violence. But it is a charming story that will keep you reading until the very end. 

Reviewed by Library Staff