Staff Review Nov 10, 2021

Johnson County Library is pleased to announce that Ripley N. has won second place in the 13-19 age group for the Scary Stories 2021 Youth Writing Contest with their piece "What Happened in Glen Forest"


Omnes una manet nox. That’s what it said on the invitation. Cole didn’t know much Latin, but he knew that said one, night or dark, and omnes. Many? Whatever it meant, Cole was in.

Staff Review
Cover of Down Range by Taylor Moore

Down Range

By Taylor Moore
Rated by Charles H
Nov 9, 2021

The frontier has long felt like a fixture of the collective American psyche, and literature featuring western characters facing the struggles of the rural life has been around since the late 1800s. These western novels often featured tough characters with a firm sense of moral justice and skill with a gun. This archetypical character has continued into modern writing, but in recent decades has made the leap out of the western genre and into thrillers and mysteries in the form of rural law enforcement.

Staff Review Nov 9, 2021

For those in the (literary) know, Tuesdays are the traditional day where publishers release new titles into the world. Here at the library, we get patrons who always want to know what the new, hot, word-of-mouth books are. They scan the New Releases shelf, they stalk the "new titles" portion of our website, and want to be ahead of the curve and, above all, NOT be number 582 on the waiting list.

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Picture of stormy sky with black/purple clouds on top of a dry dusty landscape in west Texas. Title is in white, all capital letters across the clouds.


By Wetmore, Elizabeth
Rated by Lisa H
Nov 8, 2021

Valentine, by Elizabeth Wetmore is a hauntingly powerful, and beautiful debut novel set in Odessa, Texas in 1976. Wetmore has created four main characters with deep narratives, and all intertwined in ways that make the reader truly understand them in various ways. The detailed characterizations help to draw an accurate divide between age, class and race in west Texas in the mid-1970’s.

Staff Review
red haired woman in green sweater with a black and white dog

Tails and Tales Writing Contest Winner

By Marcia Hurlow
Rated by Helen H.
Oct 13, 2021

Johnson County Library is pleased to announce that Marcia Hurlow has won our open category writing contest on the theme of Tails and Tales with her piece "Olfaction." 

Marcia L. Hurlow's first full-length collection of poetry, Anomie, won the Edges Prize. She also has five chapbooks. More than 400 of her individual poems have appeared in literary magazines, including Poetry, Chicago Review, River Styx, Poetry East, Nimrod, Poetry Northwest, Stand, Cold Mountain, Zone 3 and The Journal, among others. She is co-editor of Kansas City Voices.

Staff Review
Book cover of Urban Quilting

Urban Quilting

By Wendy Chow
Rated by Elizabeth F
Oct 11, 2021

Appropriate for beginning sewists looking to try quilting, Urban Quilting is a straightforward guide to creating modern quilts for the home.  The first section of the book covers basic techniques like fabric selection, ironing, rotary cutting, seam allowances, quilt construction, and binding.  The second section describes how to make the individual quilts. Each quilt can be made in three sizes and quilts are rated by difficulty from beginner to advanced beginner.  The patterns are modern, featuring bright solids and bold geometric shapes. Recommended.

Staff Review Oct 7, 2021

An excellent collection of ten workshops and tutorials from popular modern quilters (including Denyse Schmidt, Cheryl Arkison, Heather Jones, and Angela Walters) on a variety of topics. Several workshops explore color, modern quilting methods for using solids and prints, working with circles, and large scale designs. Other workshops focus on specific techniques like paper piecing and improvisation patchwork. The last workshop is a study of modern quilts that shows quilts from many of the influential modern quilters.

Staff Review Sep 17, 2021

Johnson County Library is pleased to announce that Madeline W. has won third place in the 9-12 age group for the Summer 2021 Youth Writing Contest with her piece "Eyes in the Sky." 

I started writing for school, and decided to start putting the many stories I had into the physical world. I don’t have a lot of favorites, but I like Spider-Man, and really hate spoilers for things I want to watch, read, or participate in in any way.