Keep Safe

By: G.F. Synder

A call is a call as a body will fall,
And all through it all the men will stand tall.
To service the call is to liven the brawl.
On their bellies they crawl while the others may stall.
We remember them all whose names paint the wall.
Their duties once called, and answered by all.
Please keep to your duties and keep to the call.
But leave rest our children, stay out of their halls.
They need not be called and remove-ed the shawl,
And shown of a world more vivid than small.
Leave rest them all and answer your call,
So that they may be safe and grow up tall.
One day, perhaps they'll be ready to brawl
And once children now men will answer the call.
But for now keep them safe from the call
Keep them safe from this world; keep them safe from us all.