Elementia issue 4


Screaming Secrets : A view from

By Jillian Beyer

She fell on top of me, burrowed her face in my fluff, hands smacking the down inside of me, legs kicking, wriggling, growing restless at the foot. Every night I gave her comfort, she told me her secrets, whispered in the meekest of voices of the taunts and the teases and the tortures of the day.


By Perry Gross

I get hit in the face... a lot. Dodge balls, basketballs, volleyballs, tennis balls, doors, walls, bird crap, baseball bats, rogue hands, flying sand, and just about anything else you can think of. Everything just seems to have an affinity for my face.


By Max Fallone

Bullets flew through zombies like needles through cloth, and doing as much damage. The four soldiers were the last of their platoon; the rest had long since fallen to the swarms of the undead.


By Ally Heisdorffer

“It’s your turn,” Addison grumbled, her voice muffled by the pillow she was planted into. Her eyes were crusted with sleep and she shifted her head over a little to avoid the drool puddle she had accumulated during the night.


By Andre Stevens

Scream. yellin all the time. a chill pill Is what you need to find some. I like to bury myself very deep within my mind. You say i’m mental, but i’m sentimental when it comes down to my rhymes. you just take my rhyme book and throw them away all time.


By Anonymous

You say it makes no difference who I am and how I choose to express it. You’ll say this through clenched teeth. You’ll say this and you’ll tell yourself It’s better that I take my time -nowbetter that I get it out of my system. Looking back on all of life’s regrets you regret never teaching me to


By Jessica Sutter

I’ve taken this road So many times Seen these things Over and again I’m getting tired Of singing the same old lines And getting to the fork in the path And thinking it’s the end I’d just like to thank you For all that you’ve done You’ve shown me you can’t be trusted Nor can anyone You’ve proven t


By Jacob Yedo

When you go to a new school you just want to be cool And you want to make friends But when you get near you always seem to hear “man that kid is weird”


By Sophie Poppie

She draws them on Her hands Her beautiful hands She draws them on her legs Her lovely legs She draws them all over her body Her beautiful body They watch her They tell her You’re too fat Don’t wear that They tell her to dye her hair Her lovely hair That color Do this And you’ll be in You’ll be on

Death Changes Everything

By Naduish Whitely

Does it end where it all began? Since the death of my mother Something inside is broken from deep deep within I feel like I’ve sinned Thoughts ramble through my head I feel like I too want to be dead Yes it’s wrong it’s not right But my senses appear to be vanished out of sight Where shall I begi

I wish

By Rabi Hemayoun

On a cold February evening I learned one of life’s biggest lessons: appreciate what you have at present because once it’s taken away from you, all you’ll have left are memories. For me that ‘it’ was my fifteen month old niece, Bano.


By Margie Delich

When you look into a window What do you see?

A face staring back at you, As happy as can be

You ask the face a question Why do you smile so much?

The face laughs, Ha! Ha! I locked you out of the house.

Normandy, music & lyrics by

By Phil Roach

A soldier dies on the battlefield on a beach in Normandy just barely old enough to shave and just off papas knee buried in the ground with theses final words [Chorus] Dear ma and pa im doin fine here overseas I send my love from me and John and the company now I gotta go gotta run don’t you worry


By Breanna Hollingshead

Have you ever felt pain? Pain so deep inside of you Pain only you can feel.

Growing up I had times of physical and mental pain, through it however, I have gained.

Growing up I went through more pain than anyone can imagine. people talking about, laughing at me.

Graced Darkness

By Jaden Gragg

“A breath, a sigh, she closes her eyes, hearing the forest saunas around her, yonder the sum set the sky on fire, burning, burning, the stars/lew higher...”

Box of Color Pencils

By Rebecca Meyer

While walking in the art store today. I overheard a color pencil box With many things to say

“I don’t like the Red,” said the Orange and Green said, “Nor do I” and no one likes Yellow But no one knows just why

Dear Whom Ever Cares to Listen

By Andre Stevens

I’m a new york kid. there i was born and raised. outside on the block that’s where i spent most of my days, but now my vision’s in a haze. my mom said, what i’m going through is just a phase, but i know now that’s not the case.


By Heather Martin

Hatred melts away Madness peels back from my mind Wrongs are diluted

Accompany me To a place so far away Let us reside there

Sit in wait of me Yet we are still together Take long walks with me

Hatred knows no bonds No shackles of contempt Free as the bluebirds

War That Can Not Be Won

By Taylor Haviland

We are all rugged people, and through out soft degrees. Many a mean have shouted, Many have fallen too their knees. We think we’re at war with others, But wrong because we are at war with ourselves, A war that has long begun A war that can not be won.

The Doorway

By Brice Roberts

It was raining outside, and our weary Traveler was on a gravel road, walking. With a large sack slung over his shoulder, he crept along at quite a slow pace, monotonously shifting his weight from one foot to the other. He had no cloak, and so he was drenched in the cold rain.

Green Sanctuary

By Karen Lieffring

Come with me into these memories Where grown-ups are not allowed Across the deep concrete river Where in giant hollow owl’s eyes You can hear the hidden bears’ growls. Beneath high branches curved like arches Their leaves intertwined Like a patchy living ceiling For this green chapel This childho

Oh Snow

By Jack Stelzer

Snow is deceiving. It likes to play hard-to-get. Like so many other things in life, I have developed a love-hate relationship with the whole idea of snow. The “dog days” of summer reach their finale, the leaves start falling, and everyone excitedly awaits the first snowfall.

Blue Man

By Claire Ryan

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there were two kingdoms. The Thintassia Kingdom was led by King Blue Man, and all of the people tried to be like King Blue Man and eat as little as possible. “Skinny is beautiful, skinny is beautiful,” the King would exclaim; the crowd would go wild.

Your Blue Side

By David Webster

“Davidson! That tree is flying! It’s going to crash into your house,” Gary warned me. “You’re right, Mr. Franklin, and here, it’s coming in for a landing,” I replied with calm reserve.


By Abigail Blick

There once was a man named Ed. Ed had a wife and three kids and worked at a very successful job. His life was perfect. But as time went on, his children grew up and went off on their own to form their own families, but soon Ed became a grandfather. And once again, life was perfect.

Our Beasts

By Erin Ashley

 It was quiet like it always was. Not dead quiet, you could still hear the waves and the insects. I sat on the beach, my hands clasped around my knees. I had buried the last of them in the cavern, then sealed it shut. Now it was just me.

An Open Letter to Joseph Conrad

By Jess Holmes

Dear Mr. Uber-Goth,

I don’t pretend to understand the intricacies within the mind of any literary genius, but I’ve got to let it out...your endless pessimism is bringing me down.

You Opened My Eyes

By Hannah E. Jenkins

I was blind and you opened my eyes. I was blind to deceivers, and you showed me them. I was blind to true love, and you showed me it. I was blind to forgiveness and you did it for me. I was blind to the truth, and you revealed it all. I was blind to you God.

Behind a stone cold shell

By Dusti Lewis

Get behind the eight ball she said, which I had yet to understand. She said it meant to look ahead to the future. I sat there contemplating this saying for a while, and as I fell into a deep slumber my thoughts ran free.

The Early Storm

By Rebecca Meyer

In solitude of the night, with help of the early storm, you find peace and utter relaxation. Tearing down the limits of your imagination, making room for the inspiration, the imaginative power of your soul.