By: Grace Martin

Different: not the same as another.
My “friends” and I, we’re different from each other.
They are cool; I am not.
I am lame; they are hot.
Even when they’re wrong, people think they’re right.
They like the day; I like the night.
I always lose; they always win.
I stick out; they blend in.
Normal...the only definition I’ve got,
Normal...something I’m not.
Fitting in is what every girl wants.
Instead of that, I get teases and taunts.
But if being cool means doing dings and drink,
Normality is not for me, I think.
Bloom: to appear unexpected, in surprising degree.
Bloom...sounds like something for me.
I’m through with being a no one; it’s time for the world to see
I’m going to be a someone, so someone will see me.
You won’t know when, maybe far, maybe soon,
But look out world, ‘cause someday I’ll bloom.