Elementia friendship


In Orchards of Lemon Trees

By Kate Rose

in orchards of lemon trees we tiptoe, under the hanging yellow fruit in blue moonlight, we will stay until orange light leads us inside

in orchards of lemon trees we giggle at your pinched sour face as you taste the bitterness from the tip of your tongue trailing back to your throat

Goosebumps and Gummy Bears

By Gillian Knaebel

I am from hard worn leather beneath my feet. Watching my second home from my favorite place, 4 feet above the ground. From sounds of gymnastics filling my ears to a layer of chalk and sweat that coats everything from my legs to the inside of my throat It chokes me and tastes thick, and starchy wi

Letters from College

By Megan Schrek

Hey, I miss you

School started yesterday and I really couldn’t stand You not being there

They had a pasta bar in the cafeteria The germs wouldn’t mesh well with your hypochondria, But the butter noodles were okay


By Alexa Newsom

Tissues. Litter my floor. Scraps of Paper. Crumpled and overflowing my recycling bin. Eraser bits. Cover my desk until the pale wood looks black.

Spaghetti Boyfriend

By Emma Anderson

You were my Spaghetti boyfriend Blonde Full of spaghetti That’s all I really Know about you

You were my Only friend Bright Full of potential It’s strange how I don’t Remember you


By Janae Filer

You make me so happy Why can’t you see Just how much I love you Your best friend

It’s so hard for me Not to tell you how I feel Even though I know you feel it too I can see it in your eyes Every time you’re with me If only you weren’t with her She’s changing you


By Grace Martin

Different: not the same as another. My “friends” and I, we’re different from each other. They are cool; I am not. I am lame; they are hot. Even when they’re wrong, people think they’re right. They like the day; I like the night. I always lose; they always win. I stick out; they blend in. Normal..

These Are My Friends

By Portia Miller

I am me They are them, Three halves make a whole. They are the oddballs Nerds and geeks. People with voices in their heads And we love being weird. We’re none of your labels, And yet . . . all of them.

Welcome to my family

U, I, and Growing Up

By Eric Gunnarson

i, the definitive the only you in the world i am and you are individual we are separate we are absolute masters of our individual perceived universes.

The Maple Tree

By Ramya Chilappa

Marina Green had always been the epitome of normal. She got good grades, but they were nothing phenomenal. She was pretty enough, but no great beauty. She had friends (did one count?), but was nowhere near a social butterfly.


By Anonymous

I walk through halls, the halls of a school.  It’s a lot different than it was Just five weeks ago.

I now know quite a few kids now, They thought of me as the new kid, The outsider, I don’t know if they still do.

The Definition of Friends

By Caitlyn Mumaw

The dictionary defines a “friend” as “a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.” So are they homework answers? Project partners? A list of names? None of the above. New definition: The recipients of ridiculous selfies that probably shouldn’t have seen the light of