Elementia growth


Amateur Magicians

By Amanda Pendley

Somehow, I pull the words out of my mouth like the colorful scarves inside the sleeve of an amateur magician And we are both trying so hard To save our best magic trick to use on ourselves So that everyone can stop asking so much of us Such constant noise and one day we will show them how you can

The Trees and Us

By Rachel Stander

Once, before the people moved in, before they took my brothers and sisters and cousins and friends, I saw the sun. I grew up and I grew strong, trying to reach the sky. I meant to make the world beautiful, but I was robbed of the opportunity and I was conquered and processed and covered in symbol


By Drake Myers

As the wind blows a harsh breeze, And the trees start to sway on their knees, Within the surface of the fleeting river, I see myself sitting in the harsh weather, As a boy, slouched down in the freeze.


By Grace Martin

Different: not the same as another. My “friends” and I, we’re different from each other. They are cool; I am not. I am lame; they are hot. Even when they’re wrong, people think they’re right. They like the day; I like the night. I always lose; they always win. I stick out; they blend in. Normal..


By Drake Myers

On a journey, Without reasons, Conforming to the changing seasons, Flowing like a great song, Thoughts of things grow ever long, Mountains passing, Some dreams crashing, While others come to birth.

Locked Out

By Anonymous

I look at them around me Those who with my choices disagree My eyes drop They’re staring Quickly judging what they see.

Alone am I to every degree I never use the pronoun “we” I’m different Too different Locked out without a key,

Here I Am

By Justin Boicourt

I’m here, But No one sees me. I walk through, Invisible Like the truth Behind the mirror. For me, They have blind eyes Of icy blue. To get in I jump the fence. The spotlight hits me Shot On sight. I’m done trying. Throw in the towel. Focusing on me, My future’s bright I’m still Alone, But I’ll ch


By Mary Galvin

On the outside I am a Superhero, A lively, ambitious girl anyone can count on. No matter the risk, anguish, or pain it causes me, I will do anything I can to help others with a smile on my face. On the inside however is where I console my secret identity. I am lost, hurt, self-conscious, and asha

A Haiku on Fitting In

By Anonymous

Being young is hard;  often feeling all alone.  Your hair is a mess  and your face is breaking out.  Being young is hard. You aren’t quite sure of your friends,  you’re stressed out;  don’t know if you’re being “cool”.  Being young is hard.  Trying so hard to be calm,  when you want to scream.  H

Boy was on a Cloud

By Ayah Abdul Rauf

Hallo there boy You're just a child Play on the fluffy cloud In the air. Think of nothing.

Until you fall Fall a man Live a man Die a man

And the tall ones, they all say: Enjoy your time here, little one While you can ... Before we come to take you away.

The Climbing Tree

By Ann E. Mclean

The Ponderosa Pines hunched ponderously, Their convoluted gestures frozen With dry, rasping limbs in stages of vexation And narrow forearms lifted high In savored moments of exalted epiphany. My brother and I climbed the questions They grew, Our legs crouching and stretching Over the contours of


By Anonymous

I found myself staring out of my bedroom window, my eyes followed the footsteps of the strangers walking below me.