Boy was on a Cloud

By: Ayah Abdul Rauf

Hallo there boy
You're just a child
Play on the fluffy cloud
In the air.
Think of nothing.

Until you fall
Fall a man
Live a man
Die a man

And the tall ones, they all say:
Enjoy your time here, little one
While you can ...
Before we come to take you away.

When you will fall
Fall a man
Live a man
Die a man.

You pay no heed
You want to rebel
So you don't enjoy your time, and play.
You think instead
And you think
And think

And those thoughts will weigh you down
And the tall ones will come again
To bind you with your own thoughts.
The weight will grow
And grow
You are too heavy for the cloud,
You will crash down to the ground below.
And you will scream
And you will shout
And you will protest with all your might-,

So you fall
Fall a man
Live a man
Die a man

Crash into the mud below
Have a moment to recuperate.
Just a moment.
No more than a moment-,

Life drags you upward again

Your thoughts:
They will run like iron in your marrow
Like thin veins inside your eyes
They fill every crevice of your brain
Slosh like acid in your skull
Intertwine with your soul.

Ideas flourish. So then for a moment,
But a moment,
You live, live a man. 

Then you die.