elementia hope


I Wish

By Anonymous

I wish…
I could run like an Olympian
I could draw without restrictions
I could dance like nobody is watching
I could sing as pretty as a mockingbird
I wish…
I could be a world traveler


By Gage Oshman

I wish
I had a tree house
One to sit in all day with my spouse
I would read to the leaves
Feel my hair move with the breeze
A tree supporting so much
Like a caring father that does such
The power to hold all

Being Cosmic Dancers: because what else would we be?

By Jaden Gragg

We live on our floating planet,
this hunk, this rock,
we are so small. 

It Doesn't Matter

By Michelle Moore

It doesn’t matter,
When the sun sets to the west
It doesn’t matter,
How fast the current is in
the ocean
It doesn’t matter,
When a storm passes through
the plains
It doesn’t matter,
The way stars twinkle in the
night sky


By Theo Elliot Goodloe

On the third day, we took the shortest way
Climbed a mountain and I stayed
Found my wings, and dropped down
While I died, heard a sound
And the sound told me things
That had once pulled my strings
Then I saw my true self

Autobiographic Incident

By Anonymous

It was a mild day in the middle of the summer, not the type that glued your shirt to your back, but the type where the soft spoken wind whistled easy, breezy tunes if you weren’t too busy to listen. Me, being a kid, I was never busy.

What Do the Interrogators Expect

By Becky Peda

And how are we supposed to get out of this,
after our hope has been washed out and dried,
and the fevers stay burning our foreheads and skulls,
not even cooled by the tears that we’ve cried.

Still Stand–Stand Still

By Brittany Frazier

What happens when you’re at a stand still in life?
high school seemed to go by fast –
and now you’re left with memories.
Whether you were the individualist, the beautiful
person, the jock, the punk rocker, or the nerd,
in the end you’re not concerned

The Silver Lining

By Abby Harrison

In a land of broken promises
There lives a painter
This painter only has one eye
With that eye
He sees horror
He sees death
He sees fire
But most importantly
He sees magic

Life Bites

By JDC Resident

My life is full of tragedy
Hurt and pain left and right
I see things a little differently
Looking for sunshine in the night

White Death

By Rachel Karner

Daring to yearn for freedom as
the doors of your prison open
the view of white death before you
all of your small hopes broken
standing in a door between hell’s
cold fingers brush your skin
beautiful death covers the hills


By Anna Jones

Built into the foundation
Of this very earth
Is a virtue,
More mysterious,
More powerful
Than life itself.


By Gage Oshman

I wish
had a tree house
One to sit in all day with my spouse
I would read to the leaves
Feel my hair move with the breeze
A tree supporting so much
Like a caring father that does such
The power to hold all

Scared Loveless

By Zoë Christianson

I wish that I could speak my mind more easily.
I wish I didn’t fall in love so easily
and that it weren’t so obvious.

Behind a stone cold shell

By Dusti Lewis

Get behind the eight ball she said, which I had yet to understand. She said
it meant to look ahead to the future. I sat
there contemplating this saying for a while, and as I fell into
a deep slumber my thoughts ran free. Thinking of our future--

Make It What You Want

By Hailey Cannon

Wake up
Do my hair
Put makeup on
So they don’t stare

Wait a minute
Nothing’s wrong with me
I have friends
And a family

Whoa, good thing I didn’t keep goin’
That almost turned out like another
teenage poem

Could It Be Better Tomorrow?

By Matt Logan

An act of courage is what I call,
 In the eye of a parent a plummeting fall.
An hour-long lecture will send him on his way.
 It just seems like another reason to run away.
These are words of wisdom you should borrow.
 It will be better tomorrow.

Locked Out

By Anonymous

I look at them around me
Those who with my choices disagree
My eyes drop
They’re staring
Quickly judging what they see.

Alone am I to every degree
I never use the pronoun “we”
I’m different
Too different
Locked out without a key,

Outside Looking In

By Connor Rice

My head tends to spin
Because I’m on the outside looking in
My heart starts to yearn
The secrets of friendship I wish to learn
I want to be inside
And to be filled with pride
I can imagine myself in there
With the warm refreshing air

What’s Inside of You?

By David Henderson

“To Strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”
Thou shalt never give up,
What is rightfully his,
Never whimper away from fears,
Never give away their tears,
Fight for what is right,
Inside the brightest of light,
We shall all have,

Here I Am

By Justin Boicourt

I’m here,
No one sees me.
I walk through,
Like the truth
Behind the mirror.
For me,
They have blind eyes
Of icy blue.
To get in
I jump the fence.
The spotlight hits me
On sight.


By Emmy Hartman

I wait for

I sit quietly
and picture
wondering if
you will still


By Brittani Ball

What shall be wrong with me?
What shall I fear
What shall be wrong with me
is nothing I fear
If I shall fear what is wrong with me
I shall only fear myself
Even though you shall see me
you shall not know.

Drip Drop

By Maggie May Price

Today is one of those days, where everyone stops to take a minute and appreciate what we have, rather than what we want. We worry about the tiny little things in life that don’t matter, instead of the things that can change our life. Today is one of those days.


By Margot Newcomer

Standing on this stage, my life flashing before
My eyes, I remember a time of Youthful
Bliss where the impossible was possible.

Singing sweet melodies to Snow White and
The Wicked Witch, six with fans hanging
On to my every Judy Garland high note.

Yes, I am a Dreamer

By Mary Kaitlan Schmitt

Yeah, I’m a dreamer,
I dream of so many things.

But do you know what separates all
you other dreamers from me?
You all actually work to achieve your
dreams, you
dream about the future and what you
want to become.

The Song Within

By Emy Blake

The lovely tune sounding brilliantly through the air
Wonderful feelings as the clear notes catch
The song shines and gleams, its rays golden and fair

Words Can Move Mountains

By Rachel Franklin

There is a thing that is stronger than yourself,
That is from you; its plan is one of stealth.
White-hot insults out of a mouth are poured,
Never underestimate the power of a word!

Gone and Now I’m Free

By Hannah E. Jenkins

The hate that lived within
me, that inhabited my very core

It has no home with me anymore
I’ve let it go
It no longer rules me

My Future

By Elizabeth Mwalisansa

I think more about my future
I can't understand my future
I see that future is very difficult