elementia joy



By JDC Resident

I want to touch a tree.
Not just any tree.
A tree with big green leaves.
I miss the shade trees
give on hot summer days.
The way they smelled, not
like a flower, just the
overall smell of nature.
I want to sit on


By Sarah Rekab

The sea shimmers as if
a child,
has poured glitter in its
soft blue path.
Mountains linger over such water
and are outlined
by a china blue sky.
The sun dances across the water,
casting this magical scene.
A fisherman casts his line

From Dusk Till Dawn

By Brooke Shippee

From dusk till dawn 
I search,

I look
From town to town,

This person I am told can give
A smile for every frown.

Up and down
These hills I look
I never seem to find

That person I am looking for,
Who is loving and so kind.

Make It What You Want

By Hailey Cannon

Wake up
Do my hair
Put makeup on
So they don’t stare

Wait a minute
Nothing’s wrong with me
I have friends
And a family

Whoa, good thing I didn’t keep goin’
That almost turned out like another
teenage poem