Elementia Future


Shades of Darkness

By Drew Wilson

Horrific scenery fills my mind Some from the future, some from behind Nightmare images that fill others with Dread The world would be better if My Kind were dead In spite of the sacrifices of those we’re above We see a future without Hope, Faith, or Love Hate hails from all races, both genders, a

Behind a stone cold shell

By Dusti Lewis

Get behind the eight ball she said, which I had yet to understand. She said it meant to look ahead to the future. I sat there contemplating this saying for a while, and as I fell into a deep slumber my thoughts ran free.

Make It What You Want

By Hailey Cannon

Wake up Do my hair Put makeup on So they don’t stare

Wait a minute Nothing’s wrong with me I have friends And a family

Whoa, good thing I didn’t keep goin’ That almost turned out like another teenage poem

Turning Life Into an Art

By Rachel Franklin

What are we here for? Might there be a purpose that is more? Maybe only time can tell the true meanings of our lives; it doesn’t lie. That’s the power behind our efforts that continue till we die.

Could It Be Better Tomorrow?

By Matt Logan

An act of courage is what I call,  In the eye of a parent a plummeting fall. An hour-long lecture will send him on his way.  It just seems like another reason to run away. These are words of wisdom you should borrow.  It will be better tomorrow.

Unwrapping My Future

By Erika Davee

Anxiously tearing open the shimmering sealed package Ignoring die red symbols that embellish the wrappage Considering this cookie holds my future unknown Depending on the message I’m sure to cheer or moan My Mom opens one of Happiness My Dad opens one of Success My sister found a Life of pleasure


By Margot Newcomer

Standing on this stage, my life flashing before My eyes, I remember a time of Youthful Bliss where the impossible was possible.

Singing sweet melodies to Snow White and The Wicked Witch, six with fans hanging On to my every Judy Garland high note.

My Future

By Elizabeth Mwalisansa

I think more about my future I can't understand my future I see that future is very difficult 

Beyond the Final Umbra

By Zac Stower

A thousand stark crosses Plotted on a green hill Once moving a thousand miles an hour Now stand still. At life’s bloody terminus We are told they are the purest of all of us The rolling front blending together Forming a sea of forever A canvas ravaged with uniform dials For uniform men Filling un