Elementia despair


Pain and Hate

By Bethanie Powell

My Soul yells at me I’m dying inside wishing that I felt no pain but It keeps coming I take the pills of pain and hate to wish it all away when the pills wear off I slit my wrist to see the blood run down my arm I let people feed off my pain blood sucking demons wishing someone would come to my r

Be Aware: It Happens Everyday

By Hailey Cannon

she cuts and bleeds to fell the pain she cuts and bleeds, it leaves a stain she cuts and bleeds everyday she cuts and bleeds because she cannot say say what she needs, what she wants if she does it will cost cost a price too high to pay all because she cannot say what she wants she doesn’t want t

The calm before the storm

By JDC Resident

In the calm before the storm all is concealed There is serenity and peace of mind before the storm is revealed The clandestine activity crude as it laughs in your face The Gnostic gimmick of peace before the mask breaks Drawn into the illusion of pleasure, beauty, and delight Then being tossed an

Life Bites

By JDC Resident

My life is full of tragedy Hurt and pain left and right I see things a little differently Looking for sunshine in the night

I think I’ve met the snake of the earth And stepped in his rattling tail Ever since the day of my birth I’ve believed I was put here to fail

White Death

By Rachel Karner

Daring to yearn for freedom as the doors of your prison open the view of white death before you all of your small hopes broken standing in a door between hell’s cold fingers brush your skin beautiful death covers the hills wait for a new torment to begin a terrible fate and broken will not wantin

Forgotten: The Holocaust

By Alexa Schnieders

The horror, the brutality eats away at my heart until I no longer see the need to go on.

I bite my lip, holding in the rage, the remorce the screams I want the world to hear. but they won’t.

Don’t Try to Understand

By Bethanie Powell

The words that I say may confuse you corrupt your mind drive you crazy but the one thing it is for sure to do is kill you make you cry try to run but the words will find you in your dreams of lies you shall tell me to die with them but I shall hold the lies with me

Shades of Darkness

By Drew Wilson

Horrific scenery fills my mind Some from the future, some from behind Nightmare images that fill others with Dread The world would be better if My Kind were dead In spite of the sacrifices of those we’re above We see a future without Hope, Faith, or Love Hate hails from all races, both genders, a

Rainy Nights

By Abbey Mock

I sit in my bed, Rain pouring outside, Sadness of the past flooding through my windows, The night that my father left, The day he decided I did not matter, At a young age, I was left alone, On a rainy night like this one, Hours past, He returned home, Threw things at the wall, Forgot I was there,


By Ben Jensen

She was like a spider. Walking youthfully and childlike, on the verge of being crushed.

She was robbed of her innocence, it was taken away before her prime. She sat staring out the window, the tears falling like the rain outside.

What the Fck You, excerpt

By David Marrero

Every time that you promise It puts me in this constant positive mood then you let me down

why don’t you just stop it?

Getting my hopes up so high why would you even bother? This relationship slightly reminding me of my father

Straight Back To Nothingness

By Becky Peda

Honestly, if you ever think about it No one ever knows where to turn, The corridors are melting into hallways These hallways are melting into hell.


By Rachel Franklin

Tonight I let my shadow wind around my ankles Soft fingers pulling me down as I succumb to myself. I look inside to find a growing grasping black. You should have risen by now, your cadence the only light In my inner endless tribute to things worse than death, In my hallways filled with ruins of


By Gage Oshman

I wish more things were black. Watch the depression stack Bury the emotion in a deep sack Take all the hate and give it back The whip of remorse has a thundering crack I wish more things were black.

To Build a Home

By Amani Raheel

My ma says

She pushed my stroller

around the bumpy streets of

Queens, Jamaica, Long Island,

even Manhattan,

Through rain and snow, all



Finding no help from the

passengers, all ignoring her

silent plea


By Emily Steinmetz

Walking step by step to a place unknown,

people look past me like I’m a monster,

part of the disowned.

My heart is lost and I’m brought to a shadow of blue,

cheeks stained with tears,

a feeling that is far from new.