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Something to Care For

By Anonymous

Every Saturday, after work, I visit my grandmother at her nursing home. It’s about a half an hour drive to get there, but it’s worth the drive. Grandma G isn’t the normal nursing home type you’d think of: sweet, unsuspecting, a kind of elderly innocence.


By Anna Schmeer

i never met her but i always knew she was there my dad talked about her so fondly “we used to drive for hours listening to old cassette tapes singing along not knowing where we were going but not caring” sometimes one of the songs they used to sing would come on the radio my dad would turn it up

Forgotten Memory

By Ada Heller

I can’t remember why pink ice cream smells of lakes and trips to grandma’s house I have no memory of cherry chocolate chunk ice cream melting in my mouth But sometimes I lick my fingers just to make sure I’ve gotten the last drops 

To Mom: Inspired by Ocean Vuong’s Poem “A Letter to My Mother That She Will Never Read”

By Katie Stanos

But you need it, you said. I thought you wanted to be beautiful. I slammed my hands on the wheel of your Land Rover and pulled over to the side of the road near the big houses with green lawns and trampolines, Norfolk Way.

Shadows Need Light

By Hiba Faruqi

A ransacked village in India is where my lineage began Women. Women, I will And Can never, ever know. Tribulations my western brain Cannot comprehend. They made me. I have the blood of Hundreds Of Maharanis, princesses, and queens of India. The iron will of thousands of brave Pakistani women burn


By Hiba Faruqi

From the moment a screaming woman thrusts us into the world, Soft, bloody heads first. We begin to deteriorate. For some, that occurs at a faster pace than others.

Fancy a Game of Darts, Anyone?

By Olivia Humphrey

Pouring all of the liquor you can find in the house down the drain is the most fun the daughter of an alcoholic can have without attending therapy. Isn’t that how the saying goes?

Your Baby

By Saadia Siddiqua

who cares about that umbilical cord when it doesn’t stop you from hurting me you say I’m part of you but I feel you don’t love every part of me let’s go through my childhood book of memories earliest one my neck falling backwards self-esteem being not lifted high enough after once curls popped ou

Nothing but a Nightmare

By Hailey Cannon

Nobody knows what really goes on in her mind, her life. In school Sarah is always happy always smiling. To everybody that is Sarah. Home, Sarah is a little different. Home, Sarah is sad, lonely, mean. Every day she is hiding, hiding from those mean words, the icy glare, the horrible thoughts.


By Blaire Lauren Ginsburg

“My husband was not supposed to die young.”

Always a Bride, Never a Bridesmaid

By Brooke Shippee

I can handle Boogeymen. Pitched black darkness? Yeah, it doesn’t send a shiver down my spine. And spiders don’t scare me in the least. My childhood was never plagued with the ordinary fears that come with wiggly teeth and staying up past nine and times tables.


By Jessica Sutter

as the snow flies around me i wonder why this cold winter day brings back memories maybe it was the hot chocolate or the holiday cheer or maybe just maybe it was the snow the snow laying on the ground melting into the earth was there when i was small and making snowmen and i was laughing it was t

Still Stand–Stand Still

By Brittany Frazier

What happens when you’re at a stand still in life? high school seemed to go by fast – and now you’re left with memories. Whether you were the individualist, the beautiful person, the jock, the punk rocker, or the nerd, in the end you’re not concerned with what the next person said or heard. You’r

What Happened to Marguerite?

By Alicia Dressman

What happened to her daughter? She could have been prettier, smarter, happier, taller, kinder. Somewhat like herself, but better, anything at all but this. What would she do with her daughter? She wanted things to end quite quickly, Looking at her was faintly sickening. What if, what if, oh lord,

Father Problems

By Cory Mclaughlin

Fighting never ends… Words back and forth… What will come next? Why do I put up with it at all? What to do? Why try anymore? What is the point of things? What should I do to fix things? I need help… Want it to be better… Trying so hard… Nothing is working… Not giving up… Trying… Trying… Trying…

April Ghoul's Day

By Jessica Toney

He woke up shivering, the cold hard floor having been his bed for the night. His brain throbbed as he pushed himself up, making it hard to remember what last happened. He held his head in his hands as he thought it over until an eerie sob bounced off the walls.

Graced Darkness

By Jaden Gragg

“A breath, a sigh, she closes her eyes, hearing the forest saunas around her, yonder the sum set the sky on fire, burning, burning, the stars/lew higher...”

Dear Whom Ever Cares to Listen

By Andre Stevens

I’m a new york kid. there i was born and raised. outside on the block that’s where i spent most of my days, but now my vision’s in a haze. my mom said, what i’m going through is just a phase, but i know now that’s not the case.

Your Blue Side

By David Webster

“Davidson! That tree is flying! It’s going to crash into your house,” Gary warned me. “You’re right, Mr. Franklin, and here, it’s coming in for a landing,” I replied with calm reserve.

Look Through the Window

By Tyler Wysong

Inside the window, a family you’ll see A mother, a father, brothers, and dogs as earsplitting as can be But this family is the best Superior to all the rest Because this family has a bond We’re all rather fond of Stick together through harsh times Not afraid to help each other out by providing a

Unwrapping My Future

By Erika Davee

Anxiously tearing open the shimmering sealed package Ignoring die red symbols that embellish the wrappage Considering this cookie holds my future unknown Depending on the message I’m sure to cheer or moan My Mom opens one of Happiness My Dad opens one of Success My sister found a Life of pleasure

Rainy Nights

By Abbey Mock

I sit in my bed, Rain pouring outside, Sadness of the past flooding through my windows, The night that my father left, The day he decided I did not matter, At a young age, I was left alone, On a rainy night like this one, Hours past, He returned home, Threw things at the wall, Forgot I was there,

Hero of My Life

By Katherine Chin

Uncle Felix grew up in a small town called Shinzhu, located on the north side of Taiwan. His family was not able to afford extra clothing or toys or even to pay for his education. Uncle Felix learned to take what life gave him, and to always look on the bright side of things.


By JDC Resident

My Dad’s taken on many roles, mother father martial artist experimenter business owner gardener I learn from him he teaches me the real values of life he’s prepared me to live.


By JDC Resident

Used and abused Still standing strong You are the one I lean on Who knows how to turn it around With me through thick and thin No matter what, where, or when The pain of being without you Excruciating Day by day, I’m deteriorating I am going to do everything I can To get back home to see you agai

There for Me

By JDC Resident

There for me, my dad “No matter what,” he promised By my side Refusing to ever give up on me - no matter what I did If everyone else gave up My Dad would stand by me Telling me he believes in me Knows I am strong To think positively To get through these rough times

Tell Them

By Portia Miller

Okay, I’m going to tell them. It’s been weighing on me for awhile. Most of my friends know, And they should know too.

But I’m scared. So So Scared.

Where the Heart Beats

By Betsy Cha

Perhaps the first

Was the open sky

Infecting above the carpeted ground.

Books astray in an old wicker basket,

Just enough room for a girl to climb in.

Crayons drawing, thoughts wild; just

imagine at your fingertips

The World.



By Carly Hassenstab

Police tape lines the yard I walk past Baby blue house in cookie-cutter neighborhood I look down and it says welcome I quickly step in and close the door so the camera flashes don’t glimpse inside A table set for seven with pink orchids in the middle Hand-colored drawings with markers on the frid


By Aaron Peterson

When I think of Iowa, I think of cattle, I think of the rattle under the road, driving by humble abodes. I imagine cornfields, I imagine barns, driving by the farms, I hear the rumble of tractors, the thunder in the sky during summertime, I smell the stink of the cows, we should be nearly there n