Your Baby

By: Saadia Siddiqua

who cares about that umbilical cord when it doesn’t stop you from hurting me
you say I’m part of you but I feel you don’t love every part of me
let’s go through my childhood book of memories
earliest one my neck falling backwards
self-esteem being not lifted high enough after
once curls popped out of my head you told me to straighten them
the sun hit my skin you told me to lighten it
desire set in to kiss and touch but you told me to fight it
wrong touch happened and you blamed me for it
said hell was coming for me
invasion of privacy
expectations I can’t be
but every time, you say you can’t possibly hurt me because you made me
you made me
but you also made drown and plead
because you only want the best for me
this damn umbilical cord is choking me
so controlling in and outside your body
can’t help but cry and scream
and I feel powerless as you still
call me your baby