Elementia issue 9


By Eric Gunnarson

Let us lift that burden off our shoulders And stand straight and tall. We are and always will be perfectly imperfect.


By Catherine Strayhall

Aren’t all heroes simply the sort of people we live with everyday?


By Catherine Strayhall

Before she even rested, it’s time to face the world again. Some days she wonders: How many others fabricate their grins? She takes a deep breath of air, and heads out to see what awaits. After all, curiosity is always one of a hero’s best traits.


By Hannah Jenkins

Drifting through the world I let my thoughts wander what if? what it might feel like to know...

I kept thinking & wondering ‘til I am walking out the door. Head strong but emotionally weak I let my spirit embrace those that were bad for me.


By JDC Resident

I would want someone to Not judge me No matter what Someone who I can trust Talk to about anything Feel comfortable around Someone who will be there for me When I really need them Someone who “gets” me.


By Alex Dodson

I walked into my room, setting my old backpack down next to my bed. One more, one more year and then I’ll be old enough to move out of this place people call a home.

Do I?

By Eric Gunnarson

Do I dare disturb the universe? Indulge in the quizzical whims of questioning? Sit on the throne of knowledge, partake in the feast of Newton’s apple? To eat the forbidden fruit, and cast myself out of the paradise of ignorance, learn the sin of curiosity? To let myself fall into the seductive em

Story of the Stone

By Blaire Ginsburg

Minor fissures, Just hairline cracks, Spread slowly At first, Fine lines on a Smooth surface; Creeping across a Marble plain, Barely making A sound, but Marking - scarring - All the same. See here, where The lines turn At odd angles and Bend to meet, but Never touch. Traces like veins, Telling di

The Parasite Lives and Grows

By Rachel Franklin

Once upon a time Goliath fell. They built buildings on his body and David walked away without looking back didn’t know his victory until he moved opened the door to have his pebble drop at his feet looked up and his apartment was the white pulp of a gigantic eye dripping blood.

Ode to the Oddball

By Eric Gunnarson

There’s a simple liberating joy In being different, Being obtuse, Having that little bit of self outside of normality, Askew People will either embrace it, Or reject it. Some will revel and thrive in their unlikeness, Others will shrink and wither at the stares of conformity, And some will teeter


By Portia Miller

What does it tell you? Does it tell you what lies in your heart? It tells you what lies on the outside, That’s for certain. It tells you how other people perceive you. How they label you. You have feel the weight of those labels. They are a thousand bricks on your shoulders. You feel an obligatio

Silhouettes in a Crowd

By Catherine Strayhall

As I walk through these crowds day after day, I see people’s silhouettes; The stuff they’re made of deep inside, The good or bad they try to hide, And their joy or sorrow with every breath.

Wicked Discretion

By Hannah Jenkins

It’s not about what you told me, but what I chose to believe. Nothing feels worse than living an imaginary dream. And they occur so often and freely whenever Satan creeps in. By the time I breathe, and count to ten it’s over and I have to start again.

Relics of the Past

By Michelle Chan

The peace the nations had promised Some days that were gold Now all fade into stardust Disappearing with the old

Yet the Earth shock beneath them Then the final warning rung They whom nature condemned Lost their wings because of the sun

Song of Ice and Fire

By Lauren McGrath

Stare into these eyes of flame

Warm embrace of blazing love

Wild animal you cannot tame

Feral beauty of gentle dove


Gaze into these eyes of fire

Scorching heat of kindled lust

Burning secret of past desire

The Difference Between Simile and Self

By Rachel Franklin

I have problems and I’ll swap mine with you like trading cards. Long lovely disorders go over the lips like chocolate but honey, we’ve been writing about these pits of darkness long before shrinks slapped name tags on them. While the rest of the world cringes and looks away together we will scrib

Hero of My Life

By Katherine Chin

Uncle Felix grew up in a small town called Shinzhu, located on the north side of Taiwan. His family was not able to afford extra clothing or toys or even to pay for his education. Uncle Felix learned to take what life gave him, and to always look on the bright side of things.


By Ashley Ruckman

A hero is different, A hero is kind, A hero can live, By the thoughts in his mind,

A hero makes changes, In the world for the best, And seeks good in others, That’s hidden from the rest,

No Hero

By JDC Resident

I always feel like I’m doing my best but being put to the test. People come and go; No one ever seems to know. They come in and Leave so fast, There’s so many I can’t remember who was last. I need someone to stick around. Now there is someone I’ve found. I’ve realized I’ve done nothing wrong. My


By JDC Resident

My Dad’s taken on many roles, mother father martial artist experimenter business owner gardener I learn from him he teaches me the real values of life he’s prepared me to live.


By JDC Resident

Used and abused Still standing strong You are the one I lean on Who knows how to turn it around With me through thick and thin No matter what, where, or when The pain of being without you Excruciating Day by day, I’m deteriorating I am going to do everything I can To get back home to see you agai

There for Me

By JDC Resident

There for me, my dad “No matter what,” he promised By my side Refusing to ever give up on me - no matter what I did If everyone else gave up My Dad would stand by me Telling me he believes in me Knows I am strong To think positively To get through these rough times

Unseen Hero

By JDC Resident

just when she thought no one was listening, she hid her face behind a mask that she hoped would last. Once there was a time before she broke down and cried. She cried herself to sleep no one could hear her silent tears. As much as she wanted help, she felt as if she was the only one who could giv

Tell Them

By Portia Miller

Okay, I’m going to tell them. It’s been weighing on me for awhile. Most of my friends know, And they should know too.

But I’m scared. So So Scared.

Fighting Blind

By Leah Payne

I scream But no one hears. The danger Looming, perpetual nears... The footsteps echo In my ears Closer, Closer Danger leers. A dark silhouette And merciless eyes The fear in my stomach Starts to rise. And what happens next? I’ll tell you no lies-- He takes a step closer And out my fist flies. Thr

Somewhere in Between

By Briana Hooper

Somehow you have found, where I was in the ground. I am there, I am also here. You have something new to fear. I’m not alive, but not quite dead . Though this is not what you have read. While light can be quite fun, I must avoid the world with sun. To walk the night is not quite what you think.

Darkness Inside

By Lauren McGrath

This darkness inside my heart Residing in my pitiless mind A fuel to a fire of ever-burning odium

That cutting sarcasm of such cruelty The cold cynical aura that never abates What is it that filled me with such hate?

Who We Are

By Blaire Ginsburg

Who dreams? Who dares to enter such a realm? Visions, fleeting, Escaping with the waking flutter, Living on bated breath And translucent promises of A world all your own; A world anew.

An Everyday Misfit's Dream

By Catherine Strayhall

When you dream of becoming a writer, You get stories embedded in your soul Ideas of near and far-off lands, And journeys down rabbit holes.

once upon a time...

By Breanna Snare

The gem did spawn of evil’s fire The gem shall be his portal He comes to claim; our time is dire The end of all things mortal His reign of evil, he did conspire The gem shall be his portal.