Elementia dance


The Final Performance

By Katie Cox

Groping onto the handrail, I climbed the cold, metallic stairs, my leather shoes brushing against it. Filled with anxiety, I scurried along the concrete floor to the other dancers. The world around me was black; the blue velvet curtains created a cloak of darkness, like the night.

Who We Are

By Blaire Ginsburg

Who dreams? Who dares to enter such a realm? Visions, fleeting, Escaping with the waking flutter, Living on bated breath And translucent promises of A world all your own; A world anew.

Leap of Faith

By Mary Rueschoff

Twirling Twirling-Twirling Along with the shhing of the pointe shoe on the stage The smooth, sweet music playing to her sharp moves.

Spinning like a little girl in the rain Making it look so easy, but yet so hard The precise frappe out of the spin Like a prancing reindeer in the snow.

Muscle Memory

By Amanda Pendley

There is absent space in my chest where pain used to be  And the muscle memory has not yet learned to let go