Elementia writing



By Maddie Jones

words like amorphous chunks of metal they rest on a shelf in my brain and beg to be molded

I long to hold them in the fire of my skull till they are soft and malleable

Dr. Suess-Athon

By Nick Wassmer

When so many things stop and they clatter, up in the jabambaway things hip, hop and shatter. For up in this place a great WHO lurks about For the little who-whoians ask and they pout. For the lorax knows best, so the Lorax puts those who-whoians to the ultimate test!!

Just a Thought

By Kelly O’Neill

I don’t know why, Maybe it was just a thought.

‘Less it was not to just sit here, And have my mind rot.

Writing on paper, With the scratch of pen.

Thinking of nothing, ‘Cept the thoughts of men.

My mind an empty corridor, And yet still full.

Words Can Move Mountains

By Rachel Franklin

There is a thing that is stronger than yourself, That is from you; its plan is one of stealth. White-hot insults out of a mouth are poured, Never underestimate the power of a word!

Waiting to be Struck

By Matthew Morefield Tanzer

Sometimes I just sit there, waiting to be struck, with one poetic thought. Other times I am struck, with a line to my poem, and I have nowhere, to write it down. Inspiration comes from, nature and the world. It comes from the people, I meet, the ones I love and hate. Inspiration comes to me, on i


By Bailey Fi

The pencil soars across the black page painting imagination, uniqueness illuminating places concealed in the corner of your mind bringing eccentric beasts into the fabric of reality blustering winds rush over once serene, quiet glades rainbows tango in the sky translucent beads of water descend f

The Difference Between Simile and Self

By Rachel Franklin

I have problems and I’ll swap mine with you like trading cards. Long lovely disorders go over the lips like chocolate but honey, we’ve been writing about these pits of darkness long before shrinks slapped name tags on them. While the rest of the world cringes and looks away together we will scrib

Who We Are

By Blaire Ginsburg

Who dreams? Who dares to enter such a realm? Visions, fleeting, Escaping with the waking flutter, Living on bated breath And translucent promises of A world all your own; A world anew.

An Everyday Misfit's Dream

By Catherine Strayhall

When you dream of becoming a writer, You get stories embedded in your soul Ideas of near and far-off lands, And journeys down rabbit holes.

she writes a poem

By Michelle Chan

words fill the pages the pages fill the void void an existence and her head is filled with these words not knowing their meaning she writes but the words lose reason she writes and the words are empty she lives without understanding the meaning lost in time the meaning, she sought for it.

Pen to Paper

By Alexandra Miller

Pencil joins with paper. At once, a pattern of words begins to flow and spread about the page stories of another world of creatures unknown to man of sports played on the moon alone fairytales, fiction, novels, biographies