By Catherine Strayhall

Aren’t all heroes simply the sort of people we live with everyday?


By Patrick Barry

As a grade school student I would read comic books. I was no expert in the field nor any sort of serious collector but never the less I enjoyed reading them. I liked all sorts of heroes, Marvel or D.C., but my favorite was The Shadow. I liked almost every comic book hero.

Hero of My Life

By Katherine Chin

Uncle Felix grew up in a small town called Shinzhu, located on the north side of Taiwan. His family was not able to afford extra clothing or toys or even to pay for his education. Uncle Felix learned to take what life gave him, and to always look on the bright side of things.


By Ashley Ruckman

A hero is different,
A hero is kind,
A hero can live,
By the thoughts in his mind,

A hero makes changes,
In the world for the best,
And seeks good in others,
That’s hidden from the rest,

An Everyday Misfit's Dream

By Catherine Strayhall

When you dream of becoming a writer,
You get stories embedded in your soul
Ideas of near and far-off lands,
And journeys down rabbit holes.