elementia issue 2

Quite Simply, You Are a Parallel Revolution


Life is a never-ending coil
With twists and turns
And you are one thing that I did not count on.

You are the mistake in a waltz.



Love Like a Two-Dollar Bill

By Zoë Christianson

when I offered you a heart full of love
you answered,
like this woman in a toy store
when I tried to spend a two-dollar bill
a relative had given me
years ago, when I was young . . .
Keep it. It may be worth something someday.


By Ali Powell

i am not a poet
i am a girl with too many feelings to hold in
but somehow
with an escape in dreams
reality is a nightmare
too dark to understand
yet just light enough to pass by
i do not write poetry
i write what i see down on paper


By Janae Filer

You make me so happy
Why can’t you see
Just how much I love you
Your best friend


By Morgan Shaffer

Wrist sewn.
Heart torn.
Attempted suicide.
Her gun was cocked.
Her bullets locked.
Suicide’s not so easy without bullets.
Especially when you’re ready to cock and pull it.
In sudden panic she reached for her razor.


By Sarah Rekab

The sea shimmers as if
a child,
has poured glitter in its
soft blue path.
Mountains linger over such water
and are outlined
by a china blue sky.
The sun dances across the water,
casting this magical scene.
A fisherman casts his line

Autobiographic Incident

By Anonymous

It was a mild day in the middle of the summer, not the type that glued your shirt to your back, but the type where the soft spoken wind whistled easy, breezy tunes if you weren’t too busy to listen. Me, being a kid, I was never busy.

Soul to Pick

By Yolene Pancarte

Bony hands,
What do they do?
They play at dice
And with whom?
A promoted demon
Who wants my soul
And they tell him,
Bony hands,
He can have it all!

Dragon's Heart

By Yolene Pancarte

Of melted glass
And broken waters
A dragon’s eye
And burning fire.

Of icy crystal
And howling wind
A dragon’s claws
And beating wings.

Of rosy quartz
And hematite
A dragon’s heart
And lasting night.

Dragon au Centre du Chaos

By Yolene Pancarte

Vert émeraude est ton œil
Et son reflet dans ce lac de glace
Où miroitent tes émotions
Si calmes.

Rouge sang est ta griffe
Et son ombre avant qu’elle ne tombe
Pour s’ancrer dans la chair
De tes ennemis.

What is Music?

By Loren Ferguson

What is music?
Music is calm, soft,
like fresh grass I lay on in the spring ,
like the gentle breeze that plays its symphony.
That’s what music means to me.


By Jessica Sutter

as the snow flies around me
i wonder why
this cold winter day brings back memories
maybe it was the hot chocolate
or the holiday cheer
or maybe
just maybe
it was the snow
the snow
laying on the ground
melting into the earth

My House

By Robert Widmer

i’ve been to a whole lot of towns in my life
from monterey bay to atlanta
to find the dream house i’ve wanted so long
i don’t have to wait until santa

Lords & Ladies

By Eric Carter

The ten story castle
Was not built for battle
But instead was the town
That did nothing but frown
And all the time they are training
The lords and ladies are waiting
To be ready for a war
Bigger than ever before.

Fall Stalker

By Eric Carter

In the fall you notice leaves
that are hanging on the trees,
noisily moving in the gentle breeze.
All the leaves hang lowly
through the night
as if they’re poisoned,
the leaves and trees alike.
They are dying slowly,

Separately Meant to Be

By Anonymous

For the first time, in her selective memory
she lies in bed, alone
without a light or heartbeat to keep her company.
Her heart beats, in rhythm with her thoughts.
She barely knows the way to her own door
yet she knows the feeling of being a stranger

Pain and Hate

By Bethanie Powell

My Soul yells at me
I’m dying inside
wishing that I felt no pain
but It keeps coming
I take the pills
of pain and hate
to wish it all away
when the pills
wear off
I slit
my wrist
to see the blood run down my arm

Be Aware: It Happens Everyday

By Hailey Cannon

she cuts and bleeds to fell the pain
she cuts and bleeds, it leaves a stain
she cuts and bleeds everyday
she cuts and bleeds because she cannot say
say what she needs, what she wants
if she does it will cost
cost a price too high to pay

What Do the Interrogators Expect

By Becky Peda

And how are we supposed to get out of this,
after our hope has been washed out and dried,
and the fevers stay burning our foreheads and skulls,
not even cooled by the tears that we’ve cried.

Pure Love Stricken Ballroom

By Becky Peda

through the blistering cold she falls to her feet
to land in the warmth of your touch
her glass slippers give way to the dancing
but the scent of your voice is too much
the chandeliers hang from the ceiling
the cocktails overflowing with pride

slate blue moment, excerpt

By Brooke Shippee

Winter is a soft,
cruel sea of acid,
swirling and churning
into a

Bitter is Perfect

By Brooke Shippee

Bitter is the sound of hearing rejection
two weeks before the Prom,
of hearing you’ll expire within months,
of hearing the sickening squeal of tires beneath the floorboards
in your car.

Lonely Life

By Alyssa Rydell

How many times must we say goodbye?
Too many long and drawn out mornings without you.
After sunrise, I have no one to wake,
No one beside me,
No one to shake.
Hundreds of times we have had to say goodbye,
Too many long and boring days without you.

Still Stand–Stand Still

By Brittany Frazier

What happens when you’re at a stand still in life?
high school seemed to go by fast –
and now you’re left with memories.
Whether you were the individualist, the beautiful
person, the jock, the punk rocker, or the nerd,
in the end you’re not concerned

If I Were a Star

By Kelly Morillo

If I were a star
I would
touch the
evening sky.
If I were a star I would be brighter than the others.

If I were the moon
I would say good night to you when
you go to sleep at night.
If I were the moon I would shine brighter than the sun.

I Wonder...

By Shawna Morris

I wonder if there is going to be another war
I wonder why people like me
I wonder how my uncle died

I wonder what I am going to look like when I’m older
I wonder why people are mean
I wonder if I will ever have kids

Delightful Lies

By Shawna Morris

I wish I were not so perfect!
I am so perfect;
when the wind is blowing 100 miles an hour,
not one hair raises.
My clothes do not have one wrinkle throughout the day.
(my clothes are as smooth as silk)

Petit Dejeuner

By Rabi Hemayoun

The sky sits on the horizon and sighs.
The sun rises, the wind cries.
A raven is flying beyond the trees,
shredding through the breeze
The sky sits on the horizon and sighs.
The sun craves covering, a cloud complies.


By Matthew Morefield

Peer pressure,
You always hear,
Those words spoken.
What they don’t know,

Is the pressure of family,
Continually asking,
What happened today?
Your parents wonder,
Why you answered,
Answered nothing.

On the Flipside

By Angela Clem

Hey baby,
Chill out
And just maybe
We won’t shout
You gotta let go
You gotta freak out
And just maybe
We won’t shout
You ask me to love
I ask you to yell
‘cause hey, I ain’t no dove
And trust me, I’ve fell