By: Sarah Rekab

The sea shimmers as if
a child,
has poured glitter in its
soft blue path.
Mountains linger over such water
and are outlined
by a china blue sky.
The sun dances across the water,
casting this magical scene.
A fisherman casts his line
various shades
of orange and red.
Water collides with the
warm and golden sand.
The wind
rocks the tree leaves
back and forth –
clinking like swordsmen
in battle.
The wind strengthens
and the waves become
a serpent,
weaving its way expertly
beneath the water.

The wind caresses your hair
with its invisible fingers –
salty sea tickles your lips.
You feel joy,
but you won’t find it
behind the
towering mountain or in the
fierce sea.
Neither will you find it
beside the restless trees,
or underneath the grainy sand.

Where you can find it
is in