My House

By: Robert Widmer

i’ve been to a whole lot of towns in my life
from monterey bay to atlanta
to find the dream house i’ve wanted so long
i don’t have to wait until santa

i’m fine with the house that i live in
i’d never move to another
i treat this house with extremely good care
as well as i’d treat a brother

my house has floors and ceilings
my house has walls and tables
my house even has a chimney
like other ones in fables

my house makes me feel at home like no other i’ve been
to before
a basement, pantry, attic, and the first and second floor
and all the homely furnishings all other ones should use
this house, above all others, is the only one I choose

you may ask why this house is important
well, I decorated it, you see
i put things in here i’ve collected so far
that are most appealing to me