By: Ali Powell

i am not a poet
i am a girl with too many feelings to hold in
but somehow
with an escape in dreams
reality is a nightmare
too dark to understand
yet just light enough to pass by
i do not write poetry
i write what i see down on paper
i want to be seen
though all i am is an invisible image
to the ones who i want to see me
i don’t fit into the category
that i would like to be placed
but labels are useless
my flaws block me
into a prison of self consciousness
of yes and no
i am not an average teenager
but a soul that has lived
far too many years too properly live
i don’t like playing pretend
because life is a play
though when needed
i stand in
saying my lines
thoughts screaming too loud to be understood
to be sorted out
everything is a mixture
i start one way
i end in another
i make too many errors
to be called human
but play the part so well
so this is my not so poetic poem
of who i am