Elementia issue 7


By Brandi Fischer

Everything happens for a reason. I wish I didn’t make the bad choices that I did. But we all learn from our mistakes...

I believe.


By Joe Howell

Money is everything in this life we live It’s about what I can get not what to give Money can make life positive or negative You have to spend money to make money Money is to us as a bear is to honey Why are a rich man’s jokes always funny Why can’t people see who we are Instead of the house, the


By Zack Patrick

I always live To see how much I can achieve. I keep the will And learn the skills. I always learn to strive And I will not give up Till I die. I work so hard I’ve made it this far. I try to blend in So I stand by my friends. I was born, Here to be Everything I believe.


By Brook Pippin

Probation is very difficult for me. I feel like it’s weighing me down,So much more every day. I believe some kids learn. I think I am one of those kids.But some don’t learn. Some families can’t afford probation, It’s not their fault their kids make mistakes; They need a break.


By Benjamin Abbas

Do you know the Muffin Man? His lifelong dream was to play in a band Instead his feet are buried in sand. If he skipped work he would be canned His boss bringing down the iron hand Another job he would demand Ripping hair out strand by strand


By Danielle Greer

Ever since I was little I’ve been close to my family, yet as I grew older I started to lose sight of how important they are. I started disrespecting my parents and never spending any time at home. I thought my friends were more important and more fun.


By Patrick Barry

I’ll be the Jack Kerouac for my generation, ‘Cause’ I think it’s time for some beatnick innovation...


By Katie Brockmann

A life, a life. Can be amusing. Fun and free, to do what you want. Enjoy it.


By Hannah E. Jenkins

I’ll dry your tears, and erase your fears, in the coming years, just to always hear your voice in my ear.


By Julia Marquez

In real life things don’t have outlines.


By Jessica Prater

I hear that knock on the door, it is the thunder calling. Outside there are thousands of pasts, and would have been future memories.


By Camille O’leary

Purple gone only grey green of tree gone only black all things dim as sun goes down twilight hour

all things grey only bits of yellow, red are left and they fade and blur as the sun goes down and the sky goes grey

Balance Verses Chaos

By Catherine Strayhall

Left only is the echo of the water’s laugh The birds’ little whispers still can be heard. The moon isn’t full, it’s only half Sun’s clear rays have been made fuzzy and blurred. Melody misses Harmony-her friend Nightime longs to hear the old barn owl’s hoo. The sowing thread has split and needs a

New Sport

By Angela Clem

Lead between my eyes, it moves faster than you think.

I know it’s hard to tell from your point of view, but it’s almost impossible for me to realize it even happened in the first place

Don’t worry.


By Amanda Schoep

My head hits the pillow It sinks in I turn to the left Then the right Then back to facing the ceiling I close my eyes Bad things creep around in my mind They pop open I stare at that chair I glance at my desk It’s no use I get up I look in the mirror I see myself What have I become Who have I bec

Necromancer: Confession

By Connor Rice

Rain danced gleefully across the tombstones as if mocking the dead. The now wet moss on older parts of the graveyard made the ground slick. It grew where other forms of life refused for reasons of their own, yet sparingly did the moss do so as if even it respected burial grounds.

Thoughts on High School

By Julia Marquez

What is the point of pep rallies? Is anyone actually, genuinely enthusiastic? I find it much easier to believe that, seeing as we’re teenagers, we’re all just faking it, in an ironic sort of way.


First Step into High School

By Abbey Mock

Walking down The hall of my high school, The stares, Judging, The whispers, Telling lies of the truth, Tears cause by, Always and forever, Gone, Hurt by you, Love turning to hate, The drama, Coming alive, Not just in the movie, Perfection, At its best, Finally turning ugly, Friends turning agains


By Patrick Barry

As a grade school student I would read comic books. I was no expert in the field nor any sort of serious collector but never the less I enjoyed reading them. I liked all sorts of heroes, Marvel or D.C., but my favorite was The Shadow. I liked almost every comic book hero.

The Chief

By Patrick Barry

They say he could see a full mile on the horizon. They say that he could smell the seas from the plain. I’ve heard he could dance to the rhythm of a heartbeat, And visualize true beauty in the rain.

A Trench in Hell

By Patrick Barry

Rain floods the trenches on a cold darkened night, And the battle drags on.

Life in a Swamp of Lies

By Brandon Rainwater

Never wanted to be proven wrong Even when trapped in a corner Heart thumping; Knee's quivering; Lip's trembling; As my mind races to cover up yet another

What started out as one little innocent white lie Has splintered out into uncountable amounts


By Jaden Gragg

There is so much beneath the surface of what we are being told, like cream rising to the top of milk, like layers in the ocean, like light filtering in only through the top. The rest is inky darkness, so much life and truth swirling beneath the surface.

Here is the Son

By Haley Claxton

Here Is The Son that shines through the cold dark clouds that herald a coming storm, a storm in the heart the mind the soul. When you feel alone forgotten, the Son rises to show you the right path to follow when it forks unexpectedly

The Elemental War

By Kristen Zuchowsi

It began with the fire’s havoc, then rained the wild water. Next came the dancing wind, then the fumbling forming earth. At first everything was peaceful but the elements did not get along well.

time like falling snow

By Skylar Pappenfort

Memories, oh memories those fine grains of sand Escape between your fingers to the beating of the band Murmuring in harmony upon a demure heart Oh what a lovely pas de deux in which we find our part Rows of fleeting smiles and a million bluebird skies Intent on brightly shining as they pass befor

Light in Darkness

By Becky Reilly

A star, bright, sky’s diamond Yellow, blue, white, green A shinier object Mine eyes have not seen

I have not been told Of a more unique thing Not light itself, music, A crystal, a ring

To learn to fly Reflected in sea In rippling green Staring back is only thee


By Haley Claxton

A warm soft breeze blows The sun descends from the sky. The scene is peaceful.

You gaze upon it, And know the sun will return, Soon in the morning.

That thought makes you glad, As you walk back to your home From the grassy hill.

Yes, That is Why...

By Elizabeth B. Kelly

The wind and rain, two things I love most. They go hand in hand, the wind and rain. First, the wind blows through and tells the world to be quiet and listen; then the rain comes and washes away horrible things.