Elementia relationships



By Sofia Calavitta

Too long we have forgotten The story of breath in our lungs

Depending on who you ask We started from clay, dust, Half of a ribcage, the salt of the Earth, the water of the sea; The old gods.


By Isabelle Shachtman

You ask me If I know the way back home from here. I sing the words, “yes, dear” back to you like I’m someone else. You say “alright” because you’ve got nothing else to say right now; I respect that. I keep my eyes on the road. I’m not quite sure where you’re looking at this point

Five Fingers To Count a Hand

By Callan Latham

I wake before you and in the darkness, I don’t recognize you right away. Your lashes bring their own light, full like fields of crows, a murder of crows.

Treading Water

By Katherine D. Westbrook

This is the pretend-dream, where I am teaching you to swim, and your body and my body remember their names in the water.

We pull them from the lake where they’ve been drowning, covered in salt, covered in sweat and horsetails.

Stage 4 Homesickness

By Caden Pearson

There’s a question in her blue, misty eyes.

His don’t answer.

Nothing but a Nightmare

By Hailey Cannon

Nobody knows what really goes on in her mind, her life. In school Sarah is always happy always smiling. To everybody that is Sarah. Home, Sarah is a little different. Home, Sarah is sad, lonely, mean. Every day she is hiding, hiding from those mean words, the icy glare, the horrible thoughts.

Fitting In

By Lucas Throckmorton

I wanted to be like everyone else, Smart, funny, cool. But when do things cross the line, From funny to mean, Or even me to them?

But recently, It grew harder not to cross the line.  Harder to fit in.


By Lauren Engelken

All I’ve ever wanted is independence from everyone and to live my own life. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve never had that before living with a large family and controlling parents but it’s something I always long for.

Bored Salacious

By Zoë Christianson

Though you’d never admit me to be justified in saying “no,” I think you know why I’m doing this.

Too often I catch you staring at me, wanting me, but never know how to say what I have to say.

Scared Loveless

By Zoë Christianson

I wish that I could speak my mind more easily. I wish I didn’t fall in love so easily and that it weren’t so obvious.

Nausea Way Beyond Maalox

By Becky Peda

Your hopeless little tragedies Spill so hopelessly on the floor. The ones that take over all the attention, The ones so goddamn impossible to ignore. The not so gentle news Is burning away, all this trust once built Built for no reason at all, For why should I trust someone who knows no guilt?


By Grace Martin

Different: not the same as another. My “friends” and I, we’re different from each other. They are cool; I am not. I am lame; they are hot. Even when they’re wrong, people think they’re right. They like the day; I like the night. I always lose; they always win. I stick out; they blend in. Normal..


By Emmy Hartman

Alone, I wait for you.

I sit quietly and picture you, wondering if you will still come.

Though a thousand stairwells have I traversed, never has one felt so alone and empty until I waited for you.

You and Me

By Robert Williams

Was’ up with you and me can you tell me that I think the way you have been treating me is flat out whack I’ve been putting myself out there as the months have gone by But no matter how far we get you continue to pull back I can’t believe you girl you got me open like a book You know I care about

What the Fck You, excerpt

By David Marrero

Every time that you promise It puts me in this constant positive mood then you let me down

why don’t you just stop it?

Getting my hopes up so high why would you even bother? This relationship slightly reminding me of my father


By Chris Padgett

Speak in your whispers, yet love me the same, Wrap me in wings of comfort that tears can't absolve, See through the struggles were new paths evolve, your silence lies down beside me with only repetitive breath, bask in the gentle touch of my fingers caress, share in the laughter as we dance in th

Necromancer: Confession

By Connor Rice

Rain danced gleefully across the tombstones as if mocking the dead. The now wet moss on older parts of the graveyard made the ground slick. It grew where other forms of life refused for reasons of their own, yet sparingly did the moss do so as if even it respected burial grounds.

Thoughts on High School

By Julia Marquez

What is the point of pep rallies? Is anyone actually, genuinely enthusiastic? I find it much easier to believe that, seeing as we’re teenagers, we’re all just faking it, in an ironic sort of way.


First Step into High School

By Abbey Mock

Walking down The hall of my high school, The stares, Judging, The whispers, Telling lies of the truth, Tears cause by, Always and forever, Gone, Hurt by you, Love turning to hate, The drama, Coming alive, Not just in the movie, Perfection, At its best, Finally turning ugly, Friends turning agains

Wicked Discretion

By Hannah Jenkins

It’s not about what you told me, but what I chose to believe. Nothing feels worse than living an imaginary dream. And they occur so often and freely whenever Satan creeps in. By the time I breathe, and count to ten it’s over and I have to start again.

No Hero

By JDC Resident

I always feel like I’m doing my best but being put to the test. People come and go; No one ever seems to know. They come in and Leave so fast, There’s so many I can’t remember who was last. I need someone to stick around. Now there is someone I’ve found. I’ve realized I’ve done nothing wrong. My

U, I, and Growing Up

By Eric Gunnarson

i, the definitive the only you in the world i am and you are individual we are separate we are absolute masters of our individual perceived universes.