You and Me

By: Robert Williams

Was’ up with you and me
can you tell me that
I think the way you have been treating me
is flat out whack
I’ve been putting myself out there
as the months have gone by
But no matter how far we get
you continue to pull back
I can’t believe you girl
you got me open like a book
You know I care about you
so why so many distraught looks
On those days that I’m real rude
don’t pay me no mind
Just think of it
as my way of getting you off my mind

I see you messing with dudes
that don’t give a damn
 You blowing me off
and I’m the dude that really cares
So once again I ask
was’ up with you and me
My heart is on lock down
you the one that got the key

Time and time again
I’ve been told to just move on
Yes, everyone else tells me
to leave you the hell alone
They say you don’t act right
and I should continue to roam
But I don’t listen, I’m as stubborn
as Rodney King’s hair being took to comb
My heart is on lock down
you the one with the key
If you aren’t going to do anything with it
go ahead and give it back to me