Elementia Dreams



By Isabelle Shachtman

You ask me If I know the way back home from here. I sing the words, “yes, dear” back to you like I’m someone else. You say “alright” because you’ve got nothing else to say right now; I respect that. I keep my eyes on the road. I’m not quite sure where you’re looking at this point

Mystery Dream

By Alyssa Rydell

Staring into a vast,  black emptiness  counting sheep-1, 2, 3...  Consciously lying under  the matted black blanket,  Until all consciousness  has been lost out to sea.  Soaring over mile-high waves  of blue and green into the sunset,  The silhouette of her  makes everything seem calm.  Nearing t

Hang a Crooked Star (excerpt)

By Brooke Shippee

I awoke from the dream, still somewhat fatigued and ravenously hungry. The wheels beneath me stammered over the open road, bumping along like Morse code in tune to the music of the teenager seated beside me.


By Alicia Dressman

My parents are fast asleep I rise upon my feet walk towards the bedroom door under the dimming light a plump young woman fading nightgown hair down arms like sausages lips parted breathing out of my comfort zone kitchen darker than before cold plastic floor peeling in the corner heart of hearts b

Reflections on Water

By Jessica Sutter

The water spraying around me The waves like endlessness enveloping me, Surrounding me, smothering me The hugeness of the ocean Obscures my vision Numbs my senses Yet I feel the waves Pounding, beating. I feel the water Splashing, swirling. I feel the creatures dance and sing, I join them and I am

The Twilight

By Audra Spitzer

Have you ever awakened in the middle of the night? You look around and all your clocks are flashing. Blinking, on and off, on and off. You think to yourself, was it supposed to storm tonight? You decide the best way to find the solution is to check outside.

Take My Fear

By Ayah Abdul-Rauf

DIM… DIM… DIM… DIM… DIM… The soft, high note of the last key on a piano rang through the night repeatedly… and it was keeping someone up.


By Erin Ashley

The mountain trail is steep, and even I am having a hard time staying upright. The ridge I’m on is rocky and desolate, and I am the only thing moving. My chest is heaving as I struggle over the treacherous granite.

Yes, I am a Dreamer

By Mary Kaitlan Schmitt

Yeah, I’m a dreamer, I dream of so many things.

But do you know what separates all you other dreamers from me? You all actually work to achieve your dreams, you dream about the future and what you want to become.

Who We Are

By Blaire Ginsburg

Who dreams? Who dares to enter such a realm? Visions, fleeting, Escaping with the waking flutter, Living on bated breath And translucent promises of A world all your own; A world anew.

Kansas City

By Taj’Zhere Dillard

This here is real. There are no stories about happy homes and whole hearts where we come from. No fancy cars. We got no big houses but big dreams. This is crack fiends at midnight, babies crying, sleeping on wooden floors. This is the corner of Troost. On a pitch black Friday night a queen sells

Dream Behind the Glass

By Anika Rasheed

There’s a girl that I see sometimes. She pops up from time to time. Day to day.

She’s a lot of things. God, she’s beautiful. And, isn’t she just so funny?

When she fixes her eyes on you. They sparkle, don’t they? Vibrant, bright, lovely. So big. Full of life, yeah?