Elementia mental health



By Andre Stevens

Scream. yellin all the time. a chill pill Is what you need to find some. I like to bury myself very deep within my mind. You say i’m mental, but i’m sentimental when it comes down to my rhymes. you just take my rhyme book and throw them away all time.

Darkness Inside

By Lauren McGrath

This darkness inside my heart Residing in my pitiless mind A fuel to a fire of ever-burning odium

That cutting sarcasm of such cruelty The cold cynical aura that never abates What is it that filled me with such hate?

My facade me

By Jackie Trammell

I used to rely on compliments But now I strive off them I used to keep my chin up But now I cry non-stop I used to follow my sister But now I lead us deeper in the dark I used to try to be myself But now it’s no use trying

The Basics

By Cathy Wang

My brain likes to run amuck.     Some days it gets stuck on the same thought: You are in love with someone and they do not love you. You ate too much today and are now chubby, too chubby in fact to be loved by anybody. You will never achieve anything of importance in your life. You are a terrible

Coping with the World

By Amanda Pendley

I was in the middle of Alabama, silhouette illuminated by the golden hour’s subtle sunlight, engrossed in a conversation with my cousin, just catching up. He’d asked me if I was any better, and I’d told him that “at least I know my triggers now.”  He replied "that’s impressive for someone so youn


By Olivia Humphrey

Imagine yourself in a room full of balloons in a variety of colors, all with little white string. Each balloon is an event; a lunch with friends, a family reunion, a party, a date. You try to be attentive and pick up a balloon, only to have it pop in your unsuspecting hands. The sound is nearly d

Let Me Speak

By Madeline Bell

Therapy. What an odd word. A word that entails problems that you can’t solve yourself. A word that only applies to people with enough money to get other people to solve their problems for them. Therapy is such a bitch.