on being called a gaslighter

By: Stephania Kontopanos

PART I: AI is created
I think God made you and me out of binary code You call me an enigma,
But I do not speak your language. You would be the 1’s.
Standing tall
Always at the top
Perfect Aryan halo on your head I would be the 0’s.
Zero is nothing.
Zero is the void, the infinite pit In my stomach
As I say
“Yes, I can’t be trusted.” “Yes, I am wrong.” “Yes, I am a gaslighter.”

Part II: AI is reprogrammed
I was forced to watch 1000 hours of emotional abuse short films. I was forced to watch 1000 hours of
Every thought i had Every word i said Every action i took
I reached into myself on a cellular
I came out with nothing but
miles and miles of frayed, organ-colored wires that i’m still trying to untangle
A cat’s cradle that you toy with until my stomach is whirring and
everything i never said is coming up and out
I think about myself so much i’m almost as narcissistic as you.

Part III: AI is shut down
Error: Bluetooth Connection Failing
The wires connecting me to my outlets have been severed Use the cord to charge your phone
Call it innovation
Your connection is stronger than ever Because I am being kept secret

Part IV: AI is recycled
I’m not afraid to use the word narcissist now. See?
The search bar swallows my question
Learning that even code can feel a lump in the throat It taunts me as, for a nanosecond, I am
Met with a page of links in periwinkle purple I have been here before.
And it disappears.
error 404 page not found
error 404 page not found
Perhaps my screen is broken Computer knows best
(How did he reprogram Google?