By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
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Rated by Melody K.
Aug 18, 2014

This book is about love, racism, the immigrant experience and hair. Nigerian born Ifemelu arrives in America and blogs about her experiences as a non-American black person in the US. She leaves behind the love of her life, Obinze who has his own immigrant experience in England. In the end, she returns to Nigeria and to Obinze.

Oct 26, 2011

Curly Girl: the Handbook was recommended to me by a library patron during the course of a discussion about our own curly locks. When I started reading it, I was amazed to discover that many people dislike their curly hair and try, or usd to try to straighten their hair out. I have always loved the curliness of my hair and had thought that I was taking good care of it. Curly Girl the Handbook opened my eyes to a whole new approach to curly hair care. Different types of curls are described along with the different ways to clean, dry, comb, and style each of those types. The author, Lorraine