elementia issue 11



By Lauren McGrath

The world is like a library, a huge, sprawling archive of every word ever written, and we are the books that line its endless shelves. Everyone has their own personal differences, and no two people can ever be exactly alike.


By Grace Atkins

Dreams become actions

impossible becomes possible

it’s what I love to do

becoming focused on my goals

reaching those limits

passing the bar

once I get a new idea

I go with it

I don’t give up


By Emma Olinger

Who’s experienced the bone-crushing feeling of being bullied? The tear-pulling fear of being abused again and again? The heart-piercing sadness when a loved one is lost?


By Maddy Hunt

I smile when people ask if I’m all right

But inside I’m screaming and aching

I feel as if my world is an act

I act my smiling when

I want to kick and thrash everything around me

I act my laughing when I want to cry


By Madelyn Kingsley

There is a person behind all of the makeup. A person behind the designer jeans.


By Ann Preuss

Shhh. Be quiet and search inside. Maybe you’ll find what makes you unique.


By Ben DeBasio

I may appear confident, But I often am still searching for answers. I am almost thirteen and I am constantly trying to figure out who I am.


By Jacqueline Keith

The rustic smell and the crisp turn of the pages let me live out my dreams. They inspire me. They are the fairy tales, and let me escape from life. Then I finish them. And I am devastated. But they complete me, and interest me.


By Greta Gustafson

Most importantly, I don’t want to just be another face in a yearbook. I want to be someone who people will remember for just being me.


By Katie Reeg

Who feels…like nothing is impossible when you try hard enough. Like dreams are never just dreams. Like life is a blank sheet of paper and, everyone writes their own story.Who wants…To do something that goes beyond herself.


By Tori Gardner

We’re just dancing,
smiling. Having


For once in our lives;
being ourselves, knowing
no one can judge us. It


I Wish

By Anonymous

I wish…

I could run like an Olympian

I could draw without restrictions

I could dance like nobody is watching

I could sing as pretty as a mockingbird

I wish…

I could be a world traveler


By Aaron Peterson

When I think of Iowa,

I think of cattle,

I think of the rattle under the road,

driving by humble abodes.

I imagine cornfields,

I imagine barns,

driving by the farms,

I hear the rumble of tractors,

U, I, and Growing Up

By Eric Gunnarson

i, the definitive

the only you in the world

i am and you are individual

we are separate

we are absolute masters

of our individual perceived universes.

The Maple Tree

By Ramya Chilappa

Marina Green had always been the epitome of normal. She got good grades, but they were nothing phenomenal. She was pretty enough, but no great beauty. She had friends (did one count?), but was nowhere near a social butterfly.

The Job of a Catcher

By Connor Durham

Seeing out onto the entire field and beyond,

Like seeing out onto a battlefield during a war

While being guarded by the tools of ignorance,

Being the catcher like the general of the team.


By Joe Murray

I am an athlete,

trying to train hard;

to reach the top.


I get knocked down,

but then I get right back up.

To continue on.

To be a champion.

I am an athlete.

If Only

By Linh Lam

If only that person were on the same planet.

If only that person were in the same hemisphere.

If only that person were in the same continent.

If only that person were in the same nation.

Discourse on School

By Anonymous

Kids can’t win.   

The Race

By Natalie Gartland

The start of the race isn’t always easy

They say to just put one foot in front of the other

Then repeat

How can you repeat that when you’re racing to find yourself?


By Abby Carpenter

I have been told

I am genuine

By my teachers

By my friends

By my family

When I was younger I wanted a different word

Humorous, pretty, or courageous

Now that I am older

I have realized


By Anonymous

I walk through halls, the halls of a school. 

It’s a lot different than it was

Just five weeks ago.

I now know quite a few kids now,

They thought of me as the new kid,

The outsider, I don’t know if they still do.

Once Glorious

By Anonymous

There was once a bright, new, shiny car

with a big engine and all a child’s wildest dreams within.

This noble stallion would speed through all the others,

roaring by them like a lion chasing its prey

through its black-floored, circular jungle.

Out of This World

By Asher Abrahms

In my poem “Out of this World,” I explore the theme of oppression and the ways in which Leonard Peltier’s Prison Writings and Rachel Zucker’s “Paying Down the Debt: Happiness” evidence this central theme.

Dreaming of my Perfect World

By Elianna Oliver

Who wishes...

she could live in the sunny, tropical Bahamian world for a summer

she could experience the ear-popping adventure

on an airplane

going place to place

visiting the breathtaking sights around planet Earth


By Dawson Plaster

I Wish

To create new and innovative objects

For the joy of finding a new building block of the universe

To write the published wonder that will spread throughout the world

To smell the delicious food in front of me, soon to be in cookbooks everywhere

I Wonder

By Emma Smith

I wonder.

I wonder who the person I’ll become in twenty years will be.

I wonder if I’ll be helping someone in desperate time of need,

or saving someone’s life on an empty street.

I wonder if the mountains I climb

Tiny Little Things

By Regan Erwin

lightly sunkissed skin and bright grey blue eyes

sympathetic, funny, crazy

daughter of a caring, loving mom named Carmen

who loves…

making new memories

gaining more friends


laughing so hard my stomach hurts

A Wish

By Carly Pearch

I Wish I could travel across the world seeing different

places and meet different people,

I Wish I could travel through time and space seeing

different times and worlds,

I Wish I could fly and explore the sky and all its wonders,

Who I Want To Be

By Shantha Burt

Of all the questions,

one stands out.

Who do you want to be?

I want to be someone whose life is overflowing with adventure.

I want to travel and explore.

It would be great to see monuments as bold as stars.