Dreaming of my Perfect World

By: Elianna Oliver

Who wishes...
she could live in the sunny, tropical Bahamian world for a summer
she could experience the ear-popping adventure
on an airplane
going place to place
visiting the breathtaking sights around planet Earth
she could put her toes in the squishy sand everyday
smelling the salty fresh air of the ocean
but never having to leave
and call that place her home

Who dreams...
of the day she will step into an oversized balloon of many colors
and call it her own
and be nothing but sky bound
of the heart racing moment
when she could take the check from the man
standing on the stage
and proclaim to the world
“ I won the lottery!”
of going to the world’s most cluttered big mall
spending away on the latest fashion
but not getting a receipt fifty feet long
not getting a receipt at all

Who envisions...
herself looking good in the latest fashion
big bows the size of your hand
skater skirts
and don’t forget
those fold-over brown lace up combat boots!
having the time of her life
straining her voice
and being the biggest and boldest fan
at every KU men’s basketball game.

Who wants a world where….
the darkness of cancer can drift away
never to be seen again
all sickness have cures

no longer putting people
in the longing pain of surgery
or seeing someone that they love
slowly shut their eyes for the last time
or hearing the last words
of someone so loved
and remembered.