left unsaid

By Sundos H.

a split second meeting.
one glance,
and nothing more.
i do not know your name.
neither do you mine.

a short friendship.
we drifted apart.
i have your number,
but i won't call.
you won’t either.

Dream State Slip-Gown

By Isabelle Shachtman

The sound of the train past midnight
And a clear sort of light seek my room and cheeks
Leaving the layers of darkness, moon, and house light stale and stark
As if the lighter colored sheaths of air in the dark are unbreathable

the code of separation

By Katie Stanos

7 november 2017 (sight)
your veiny, wan feet/expansion/between you/the floorboards/creation of
smacking the granite countertop breaks
     infinity they say

Treading Water

By Katherine D. Westbrook

This is the pretend-dream,
where I am teaching you to swim,
and your body and my body
remember their names in the water.

We pull them from the lake
where they’ve been drowning,
covered in salt, covered in
sweat and horsetails.

Being Cosmic Dancers: because what else would we be?

By Jaden Gragg

We live on our floating planet,
this hunk, this rock,
we are so small. 

Green Sanctuary

By Karen Lieffring

Come with me into these memories
Where grown-ups are not allowed
Across the deep concrete river
Where in giant hollow owl’s eyes
You can hear the hidden bears’ growls.
Beneath high branches curved like arches
Their leaves intertwined

Yes, I am a Dreamer

By Mary Kaitlan Schmitt

Yeah, I’m a dreamer,
I dream of so many things.

But do you know what separates all
you other dreamers from me?
You all actually work to achieve your
dreams, you
dream about the future and what you
want to become.

Balance Verses Chaos

By Catherine Strayhall

Left only is the echo of the water’s laugh
The birds’ little whispers still can be heard.
The moon isn’t full, it’s only half
Sun’s clear rays have been made fuzzy and blurred.
Melody misses Harmony-her friend
Nightime longs to hear the old barn owl’s hoo.

time like falling snow

By Skylar Pappenfort

Memories, oh memories those fine grains of sand
Escape between your fingers to the beating of the band
Murmuring in harmony upon a demure heart
Oh what a lovely pas de deux in which we find our part
Rows of fleeting smiles and a million bluebird skies


By Weston Franklin

The Universe
A place made of solar systems, stars, and planets.
To me,
Is just a fading reality.
A dream someone dreamed last night.
A dying star of happiness that is my heart.
A town of my dreams,
By the sea,
That a tidal wave hit,


By Angel Jewel Dew

came to me
in a dream;
tis’ I believe
dreams do

If Only

By Linh Lam

If only that person were on the same planet.
If only that person were in the same hemisphere.
If only that person were in the same continent.
If only that person were in the same nation.

Discourse on School

By Anonymous

Kids can’t win.   

Dreaming of my Perfect World

By Elianna Oliver

Who wishes...
she could live in the sunny, tropical Bahamian world for a summer
she could experience the ear-popping adventure
on an airplane
going place to place
visiting the breathtaking sights around planet Earth


By Dawson Plaster

I Wish
To create new and innovative objects
For the joy of finding a new building block of the universe
To write the published wonder that will spread throughout the world
To smell the delicious food in front of me, soon to be in cookbooks everywhere

I Wonder

By Emma Smith

I wonder.
I wonder who the person I’ll become in twenty years will be.
I wonder if I’ll be helping someone in desperate time of need,
or saving someone’s life on an empty street.
I wonder if the mountains I climb

A Wish

By Carly Pearch

I Wish I could travel across the world seeing different
places and meet different people,

I Wish I could travel through time and space seeing
different times and worlds,

I Wish I could fly and explore the sky and all its wonders,

Who I Want To Be

By Shantha Burt

Of all the questions,
one stands out.
Who do you want to be?
I want to be someone whose life is overflowing with adventure.
I want to travel and explore.
It would be great to see monuments as bold as stars.

Oh, Dreaming Dreams I've Only Dreamt to Dream Before

By Emma Olinger

Standing in the middle of the stage
microphone taped to my face
singing my heart out

Handcuffing the mass murder who
has been loose for decades
lowering his head
into the cop car


By Marlen Salazar

My hope is that we can forget about hate,
our prejudices, our unneeded bias.

Forget about making others feel bad about themselves,
oppressing them for being different.
We can forget about our pointless wars,
and instead, focus on restoring peace and order.