Yes, I am a Dreamer

By: Mary Kaitlan Schmitt

Yeah, I’m a dreamer,
I dream of so many things.

But do you know what separates all
you other dreamers from me?
You all actually work to achieve your
dreams, you
dream about the future and what you
want to become.

Well, I’m different.
I can never follow my dreams,
All my dreams involve fantasy...fiction.
I dream of myself in places and
situations that are not possible.

I dream of being magical and being
beautiful, when I am really normal.
I dream myself in a way that looks
completely different than me.

I have straight, raven black hair, white
porcelain skin. My eyes are of the
deepest brown and my body was made
by Aphrodite herself.

But you know what, I’m not.
I have brown black hair that is too curly
for its own good. My skin is freckly and
I really don’t think you can call it
gorgeous. My eyes are simply brown
and I am husky, between fat and skinny.
I am not beautiful.

My dreams, they are filled with
adventure. Fighting evil and the horrid
darkness, being the great heroine who
saves the day. The one who has true
friends and a man who loves her with all
his heart.

But you know what? I am a dreamer, of
course my dreams are like that. I barely
have a friend who I am always with. I
never had a crush, a boyfriend, or been
on a date.

I am a dreamer, a girl who wishes to be
everything she is not in a world that can
only exist in my fantasy.