elementia agency


Little Red

By Ada Heller

Let’s make one thing clear:
there wasn’t a big bad wolf.
Not in my story.
There was no screaming
and running of little girls.
This is an old story;
One where
the structure of power
that had devoured
the generations of women

Lords & Ladies

By Eric Carter

The ten story castle
Was not built for battle
But instead was the town
That did nothing but frown
And all the time they are training
The lords and ladies are waiting
To be ready for a war
Bigger than ever before.

Cherry Lies

By Abby Harrison

The people in my world are all for free speech
so long as it’s not mine.
Stemmed from a mind of national concern,
it hardly counts as an emergency
when I try to dig my nails into the glass
separating me from the world
and tear them apart.


By Weston Franklin

The Universe
A place made of solar systems, stars, and planets.
To me,
Is just a fading reality.
A dream someone dreamed last night.
A dying star of happiness that is my heart.
A town of my dreams,
By the sea,
That a tidal wave hit,