Cakes and Cookies

By: Jaden Gragg

part one

Cakes and cookies, I wander along the face of the moon.

I sing a song too loud, and my feet twist in the holes and I walk sideways;

I am used to having someone there to hold me up.

But she is gone, and so I’ve resolved to become her.

I’ve told myself, I am going to be her, where we can live all day long here together.

Me and myself, me and her.

I am on the floor, slowly going crazy.

part two

The moon is my house and in the morning I will be queen for lunch.

I wander in and out of this castle on the moon I was banished to.

My name is dark and I am going to be her...I am going to be the girl I love.

The man, he is quiet, but he tells me a joke and I sing a song.

Cookies and moon cake and dusty milk, and craters and wishes.

It is so easy to trip.

part three

I am twisting on the cratered floor of my castle.

I’m singing songs of banished love, finally becoming her, and we are one, and that makes us two.

The old man laughs and says my addition is wrong.

One crazy girl and one beautiful girl do not make two.

They do not belong together, he chuckles.

Silly girl; wrong again.

I offer him a cookie. There are crumbs and moon-dust in his beard.

He is my only companion in this place. My love has left me with bigger promises.

She yearned to be free of singing and a girl with silly thoughts of love and sweets.

part four

The old man laughs again and spits chunks of me into the air, floating without gravity,

hung for me to snatch, whole again. Defiant.

I baked myself into those cookies, hoping those would tempt her home.

The old man got a huge laugh out of this one.

I am back on the floor.

Back on the floor, making more cookies.

part five

Gravity pulls her away and takes her home;

that’s what I tell myself.

My old companion tells me not only have I not mastered addition, I don’t grasp

the Law of Gravity either.

I tell him, I listen to my heart and to eat another cookie.

Take some of me, someone, and never give it back.

gravity can have me.

gravity can have me.

gravity can have me.