By: Dawson Plaster

I Wish
To create new and innovative objects
For the joy of finding a new building block of the universe
To write the published wonder that will spread throughout the world
To smell the delicious food in front of me, soon to be in cookbooks everywhere
For the tiring but interesting duty of running thousands of electrical appliances
For the hard-earned, cold, smooth card in my pocket
For the wind in my hair and the spray of the ocean flying at me
To zoom through the air with a lightweight backpack
To travel Down, Down, Down to the darkest, warmest places on Earth
For the joy of playing with many furry and feathery friends
To provide temporary shelter and lasting memories
To tame the beast as fast as a jet
For the shaking, crushing speed hurtling toward a large object
To feel the club’s resistance as it strikes something, and seeing the white streak fly away
For the jostling but weightless ride in a place
where I can see home