Connection at First Sight

By Annie Barry

I read about you
in my horoscopes and in a relatable tweet last week
as soon as I saw you, I knew those were written about you

Museum of Broken Street Signs

By Meghana Lakkireddy

I miss running down the street with you at half past 3
When your dad dropped you off after softball practice on Sunday afternoons.
And there was never anything more than grass stains on white pants and empty soda cans that my mom told me to throw away two hours ago.

she took my poems

By Annie Barry

why do i allow myself to participate in something as dangerously stupid as Love?
allow myself to participate
i say
as if i don’t
put myself up to bat
in a room full of automatic pitch machines

Treading Water

By Katherine D. Westbrook

This is the pretend-dream,
where I am teaching you to swim,
and your body and my body
remember their names in the water.

We pull them from the lake
where they’ve been drowning,
covered in salt, covered in
sweat and horsetails.

Scared Loveless

By Zoë Christianson

I wish that I could speak my mind more easily.
I wish I didn’t fall in love so easily
and that it weren’t so obvious.

The Tale of the King of Thieves

By Mellissa Osborne

There is a world so different than ours
Where elves walk with man and have mystical powers
And in this world, on the streets of a small castletown
There you’d find the most honorable rogue around
It was home to the King of Thieves.

You and Me

By Robert Williams

Was’ up with you and me
can you tell me that
I think the way you have been treating me
is flat out whack
I’ve been putting myself out there
as the months have gone by
But no matter how far we get
you continue to pull back

Autumn Hearts excerpt

By Elizabeth Kelly

Silence is here again.
No whispering trees
Not even a howl from the wind.
The river no longer laughs.
The sounds of our happiness are gone,
But I will never forget that bright autumn day