Elementia fantasy


Starless Planet

By Paiton Stith

When we finally start talking to each other after the fall, huddling on the side of the island where the black-eyed humans can’t hear us, we all tell the same story. A day that started with the sun rising and waking up and going off to whatever it is we do during the day.


By Yolene Pancarte

When the stars lose a bit of their shine And it comes down on Earth. A horse will rise. A horse white as moon. With a mare grey as a thundercloud. Its hooves will sound like thunder When it canters across the night sky, Its coat glistening in the moonlight. Its eyes will reflect the lightning Whi

Soul to Pick

By Yolene Pancarte

Bony hands, What do they do? They play at dice And with whom? A promoted demon Who wants my soul And they tell him, Bony hands, He can have it all!

Dragon's Heart

By Yolene Pancarte

Of melted glass And broken waters A dragon’s eye And burning fire.

Of icy crystal And howling wind A dragon’s claws And beating wings.

Of rosy quartz And hematite A dragon’s heart And lasting night.

Of fantasy And faeries’ lands To hold a dragon In my hand.

Dragon au Centre du Chaos

By Yolene Pancarte

Vert émeraude est ton œil Et son reflet dans ce lac de glace Où miroitent tes émotions Si calmes.

Rouge sang est ta griffe Et son ombre avant qu’elle ne tombe Pour s’ancrer dans la chair De tes ennemis.

Lords & Ladies

By Eric Carter

The ten story castle Was not built for battle But instead was the town That did nothing but frown And all the time they are training The lords and ladies are waiting To be ready for a war Bigger than ever before.

Scarlet Hall

By Jaden Gragg

Hearing the phantom calls of the organ, And the soft murmur of the church choir, Awakened from sleep with a feeling she couldn’t describe, She got out of bed and followed it outside. A careful mist lay over her small town, a light shield of protection. On the rusted train tracks she walked, Each

The Journey

By Mike Helton

A long time ago, in a place far, far away, it was storming, wind blowing, the sound of thunder cracking like a whip. It was me and my brother, and we were lost in this far away land.

The City

By Hana Spangler

Before time was invented, there was a city. Half of the city was as light as day, and the other half was as dark as night.

The Doorway

By Brice Roberts

It was raining outside, and our weary Traveler was on a gravel road, walking. With a large sack slung over his shoulder, he crept along at quite a slow pace, monotonously shifting his weight from one foot to the other. He had no cloak, and so he was drenched in the cold rain.

Blue Man

By Claire Ryan

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there were two kingdoms. The Thintassia Kingdom was led by King Blue Man, and all of the people tried to be like King Blue Man and eat as little as possible. “Skinny is beautiful, skinny is beautiful,” the King would exclaim; the crowd would go wild.

The Ballad of Link and Zeida

By Sam Lawler

I’ve run through grasses and cut them down With my new Kokiri sword. I have only twenty-five rupees, So the shield I can’t afford. Once I’ve purchased this wooden defense, I’ll meet the Great Deku Tree And start my quest to save the princess Whose name begins with a “Z.”

The Tale of the King of Thieves

By Mellissa Osborne

There is a world so different than ours Where elves walk with man and have mystical powers And in this world, on the streets of a small castletown There you’d find the most honorable rogue around It was home to the King of Thieves.

Do I?

By Eric Gunnarson

Do I dare disturb the universe? Indulge in the quizzical whims of questioning? Sit on the throne of knowledge, partake in the feast of Newton’s apple? To eat the forbidden fruit, and cast myself out of the paradise of ignorance, learn the sin of curiosity? To let myself fall into the seductive em