The Ballad of Link and Zeida

By: Sam Lawler

I’ve run through grasses and cut them down
With my new Kokiri sword.
I have only twenty-five rupees,
So the shield I can’t afford.
Once I’ve purchased this wooden defense,
I’ll meet the Great Deku Tree
And start my quest to save the princess
Whose name begins with a “Z.”

I somersault across Hyrule Field
With my emerald stone in tow,
Practicing shooting with my slingshot
(I’m too little for the bow.)
Through the marketplace to the mask shop,
The man sells a mask to me
Which I’ll sell to the guard at the gate
By targeting him with “Z.”

Past the gate into Goron City,
I approach the king Goron,
But he will not help me with my quest
‘Til I play Saria’s Song.
Then he’ll give me a magic bracelet
And I’ll pick up bombs with ease.
I’ll bust boulders and save the princess
Whose name begins with a “Z.”

I’ve conquered earth and I’ve conquered fire
Now only water remains.
I’ve climbed up mountains, swam through rivers
Yet my tunic has no stains.
I whistle Zeida’s Lullaby with
Water pouring down on me,
And enter into the great Domain
That’s name begins with a “Z.”

The Zora princess has been kidnapped!
The King scoots to let me through.
With a fish I enter the belly
Of their Lord Jabu-Jabu.
In his gut I find the boomerang,
Which fills me up with glee.
But where to put it? I can’t decide, I guess
I’ll go with right “C.”

She casts the Ocarina of Time
Into the moat as she flees,
But Ganondorfis in hot pursuit.
Knocks me down. I skin my knees.
I will unlock the Temple of Time,
The stones: my mystical keys.
Next thing I know, I’ll meet the sages
After seven years of “Zs.”