Skinned Apples

By Cheyenne Mann

                                                                                  SCENE 1

Forgotten Memory

By Ada Heller

I can’t remember
why pink ice cream
smells of lakes
and trips to grandma’s house
I have no memory
of cherry chocolate chunk ice cream melting
in my mouth
But sometimes
I lick my fingers
just to make sure
I’ve gotten the last drops 

Blue Man

By Claire Ryan

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there were two kingdoms. The Thintassia Kingdom was led by King Blue Man, and all of the people tried to be like King Blue Man and eat as little as possible. “Skinny is beautiful, skinny is beautiful,” the King would exclaim; the crowd would go wild.

Unwrapping My Future

By Erika Davee

Anxiously tearing open the
shimmering sealed package
Ignoring die red symbols
that embellish the wrappage
Considering this cookie holds
my future unknown
Depending on the message
I’m sure to cheer or moan
My Mom opens one of Happiness

Never Been

By Raneem Issawi

Although I have never been,

I can smell the condensed aroma

of fresh bread in the bakery,

occupying its place in the noses of bypassers.


Although I have never been,

I can distinguish between the flavor

of black and green olives,

Deviled Eggs

By Anonymous

They hold the spirit of Christmas, the Thanksgiving meal, the laughter, the family cheer, and the lost ones that we held near.  Every single Christmas, Thanksgiving, and family get together, my grandmother concocted the most delicious deviled eggs.