Elementia Home



By Tori Gardner

overland park kansas usa earth milky way am i supposed to call this home? i live here but it isn’t home. my home is delved deep within the pages of my books my home is made in the beats of my favorite songs my home is captured pictures at a time, then run together to make magical movies. my ho


By Hannah Warren

constantly muttering to yourself a constant hum in the back of your head. carrying conversations with the walls around you this is normal mom, leave me alone mom, I want to eat in my room tonight mom, I can’t talk right now mom. buzz-buzz, buzz-buzz your phone vibrates, mimicking a heartbeat his

Growing Old

By Anne Goebel

Born into the place I despise. Growing in the green, not seeing what could be. Suffocating siblings, pets galore, always wanting more. Colorado was my safe place, one mountain to the next. Creaky ski lifts, glistening snow, hot chocolate burning my tongue. My problems disappeared, skiing from on


By Marilyn Stickler

A little spot in the heartland, A little spot in your heart. Where families are created, And legacies carry on. Where meals are around a table, And the front of a fridge is your trophy case. Where names are recycled, And recipes stay secret. Where talking over one another is normal, And arguing a


By Taj’Zhere Dillard

Warm evenings - a slight breeze with the scent of smoked ham and cornbread for dinner. BROWN BODIES come out when the streetlights do FOR FEAR OF BEING SEEN, dancing and singing to Motown. Turning bodies into wine too sweet to taste. Hearing John Coltrane and his saxophone telling stories of BLUE


By Kayla Doubrava

I’ve never understood why people are so disgusted by silverfish. I like the little guys. They way they scurry around from place to place, they’ve always got somewhere to be, perhaps because they don’t like where they are. I know the feeling.

My House

By Robert Widmer

i’ve been to a whole lot of towns in my life from monterey bay to atlanta to find the dream house i’ve wanted so long i don’t have to wait until santa

Sometimes I Cry

By JDC Resident

Sometimes when I sit in my room I think of home I think of all the things I miss and how I’m alone In all the loneliness I get consumed in sadness and fear Then I feel the pain as I shed a tear Sometimes when I’m in my room and I’m entrapped in silence I bring back the past, all the hurt and viol

what is a home...

By Connor Mitts

Is it the one place you can go? the one place you can trust those who are there no matter where you are or where you are going?

Is a home where you are always found and lost to lose yourself in old memories?

 New to be made to replace to overtell tales of childhood.

To Build a Home

By Amani Raheel

My ma says

She pushed my stroller

around the bumpy streets of

Queens, Jamaica, Long Island,

even Manhattan,

Through rain and snow, all



Finding no help from the

passengers, all ignoring her

silent plea

Endless Calm

By Claire Burrow

Winter seems like an endless calm.

When the cold surrounds us,

and the darkness makes the streets disappear,

the world’s turning seems to slow down.

You can see footprints start and footprints


leading somewhere,

going nowhere.


By Emily Steinmetz

Walking step by step to a place unknown,

people look past me like I’m a monster,

part of the disowned.

My heart is lost and I’m brought to a shadow of blue,

cheeks stained with tears,

a feeling that is far from new.

Never Been

By Raneem Issawi

Although I have never been,

I can smell the condensed aroma

of fresh bread in the bakery,

occupying its place in the noses of bypassers.


Although I have never been,

I can distinguish between the flavor

of black and green olives,

A Different Room

By Arron Weber

Moving boxes carefully across the street,

Looking both ways

before pushing a small cart of toys across the street.

Today we were moving,

But it was not a long drive to our new house,

It was a simple walk across the street.


Warm Enclosures

By Ashley McLaughlin

I hastily picked my feet up out of the snow to uncover a pair of warm brown boots that had been hidden under layers of white fluff just moments ago. The cold wind pierces my bare cheeks as I charge forward, breathing heavily to reveal a cloud of warm carbon dioxide.


By Saadia Siddiqua

home can be anywhere with a song a constant melody an extravagant sound

warmth without sun cold without ice feel anyway you’d like


By Carly Hassenstab

Police tape lines the yard I walk past Baby blue house in cookie-cutter neighborhood I look down and it says welcome I quickly step in and close the door so the camera flashes don’t glimpse inside A table set for seven with pink orchids in the middle Hand-colored drawings with markers on the frid

Kansas City

By Taj’Zhere Dillard

This here is real. There are no stories about happy homes and whole hearts where we come from. No fancy cars. We got no big houses but big dreams. This is crack fiends at midnight, babies crying, sleeping on wooden floors. This is the corner of Troost. On a pitch black Friday night a queen sells

Where You've Been

By Anonymous

What do you do when the place you call home Is one that you no longer recognize; when you Forget that place is no mere function of space, But also a function of time; and the Crystalline memories you can still see, With every step forward, move farther from reach? Looks can deceive; where you are

Falling Asleep to the Brown Line L

By Catherine Strayhall

Chicago, my beauty; Chicago, my heart.  Chicago, the deep breath of  Every morning I start.

Chicago, my summer; Chicago, my light. Chicago, the way her buildings Shine in the night.

Chicago, my tour guide; Chicago, my maze. Chicago, with her river, Lake, and sandy beach days.


By Ashley Honey

Hair up Tarp down Pop My mother uses her strength to cradle Our liquid gold Douses the pan with potential energy And snaps the blade to its wand The brush crackles and crinkles Screams She slaps more gold on the canvas Drowns out the cries and begs Until we are met with silence The new vibe of ou

Supernova Sings Goodnight

By Ana Schulte

7 am Giant star rises in the east to greet the girl buried underneath the heavy duvet. Her arm is draped across the stomach of her onetime lover, rising and falling slowly. Golden light dances on the ceiling above her, refracted beams from the curtain swaying to the beat of the ceiling fan.

childhood home

By Emily Martin

she is four years old toddling around on wooden floors like a spinning top, too short to reach the cabinets or see above the sink, clambering atop countertops to reach her pink plastic glasses

Where I’m From

By Ahna Chang

I am from the nail polish in my room, From holographic glitter and high heels. I am from the toys on the ground (rainbow, soft, Sasha never picks them up.) I am from cacti pricking my fingers, From shopping and thanksgiving, From Sasha to Caleb. I’m from fighting in the car and playing video game