A Different Room

By: Arron Weber

Moving boxes carefully across the street,

Looking both ways

before pushing a small cart of toys across the street.

Today we were moving,

But it was not a long drive to our new house,

It was a simple walk across the street.


All day we had been ferrying things across the street,

Teams of people moving furniture and TVs

carefully across the street and into our new house.

I tried my best to stay out of the way,

But I usually failed because I kept trying to help.


Walking into our new house

I was confused at everything’s placement.

Was this the way our new house would be set up?

It’s so different and I do not think I like it.


Tired by the end of the day I spend the last hour arranging my room.

Setting all of my possessions neatly throughout my space.

Finally finished I lie down,

And wonder if every night in my new home will feel this foreign