By: Tori Gardner

overland park
milky way

am i supposed to call this home?
i live here
but it isn’t home.

my home is delved deep within the pages of my books
my home is made in the beats of my favorite songs
my home is captured pictures at a time, then run together to make magical movies.

my home is with my heroes,
on an adventure to save the world. (again.)
Hogwarts is my home, its stone walls built from magic and wonder,
the corridors whispering comforts when “home” is a place of hatred and loathing.
The Hufflepuff dormitory, its warm four poster beds, giving me a place to stay when “home” isn’t an option.

5 Seconds of Summer is my home, a blanket of sound to comfort me
when “home” says i’m not good enough.
Luke, Calum, and Michael’s voices, lulling me into believing I’m
The drums of their songs put a confidence into my step, when the sounds of “home” droop my shoulders.

The Doctor is my home; the sound of the TARDIS lifting my spirits into the clouds,
nearly defying gravity.
Hearing “Run!” for the fourth time that day, as we weave our way
through the streets of an alien planet, avoiding one of the many enemies The Doctor has.
No matter where i am with him, it does not compare to the feelings of inferiority i have at “home”.

Middle Earth is my home;
A little round door, half my height, opening to reveal a comfier place than my own skin.
An elf, 14 dwarves, 4 hobbits, a wizard, and two men provide better companionship and loyalty than i find at “home”
and in my family.
My home is not here, but there.

My home is
made in the
comforts of my